Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stop and Smell the Flowers

My daughter and I were driving down the road in our car today. This afternoon was bright and sunny and just begged to have the windows down with the music rolling out of the car. I took a deep breath of the warm springtime air and a smell hit me right in the.... memories!  What did you think I was going to say?!? Anyway, the smell took me back to childhood.  I thought of taking lazy walks in the early morning haze on a summer morning. Down by the railroad tracks there were so many delights to be seen by a kid walking with their Grandma.  My favorite thing about those walks sprouted wildly in an alleyway, almost forgotten. Honeysuckle grew in a beautiful row like yellow flames reaching for the sky.  I loved to run up and sniff all the aroma those flowers gave off. The heady sweet smell made me want to stay in that alleyway all day. It's one of the smells of my childhood. I smell honeysuckle and it instantly brings me back to those walks with Grandma.

Which makes me wonder, how often do I actually "stop and smell the roses" now that I'm older? It takes little time and almost no energy to smell a flower. Something I can assuredly do even on my most energy deficient days. I see my daughter doing this all the time. Wherever she goes she immediately finds flowers to smell. It doesn't seem to matter what they look like. I have even seen her try to bury her nose in a little tiny clover. Big, small, green, withered and brown, if it looks like a flower "L" seems to think there's a smell to be sniffed out of it. That leads me to wonder what it is about kids that makes them do this?  Is it because they have no sense of time? Or that they have no "schedule" to worry about curbing by taking the time to smell them? I think that, partially, it may be that kids are so fresh and new that it's truly the "little things" in life that fill up their little worlds. I'd like to think that maybe I am better at taking time to enjoy those things than some.  I'd really like to be more aware of the simple joys in life. Stop to smell the flowers, enjoy the sun on my skin, and the beautiful blues in a coming stormy sky. I can most definitely look to my daughter for inspiration. And there's no excuse of Sjs to get in the way of something so elementary. That in itself is fantastically refreshing to me!  How often do you take a deep breath of the warm springtime air and a smell the flowers?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there !
I do love to take one minute to smell the flower, look at a bird, or just take my eyes up to the sky ! I have to do some walk when I come back from work, and sometimes I'm tired and wish I live nearer, but sometime, on the road, there is something cute, beautifull, funny, that make the walk just great !!
Yes, Sjogren suck, but we should not forget little simple things.

Cassie said...

LOVE it! Actually choked me up a bit...I know I am such a sap lately :o)