Thursday, June 3, 2010

Highs and Lows

A swipe of alcohol drenched cotton, a stab of a needle, and an ice pack for good luck, it's part of my daily routine on Wednesdays. I have been going through rounds of allergy shots since last fall. The thought is that my body is so busy trying to fight of my Sjs that there is no reserve to fight off my allergies. (In my head, I'm seeing little men in hats marching towards the battle field.They've got to be busy little guys!) According to my allegist the shots will help build my immunity to my allergies. Hopefully, at some point my allergy problems will make like the Terminator and say, "Hasta la vista"! So far the up side to this is that it seems like this might genuinely be working. I have had far fewer sinus headaches since starting the shots.  The down side to all this is that on Wednesday evening I hurt after I've had the shots. It's not just a hurt as in, I've tripped, banged up my knee, and need a band aid kind of hurt. For my daughter that is easily fixed with a kiss and an ice pack. That just doesn't cut it for me. I'm talking a hurt that feels like I've had a hundred brawny men line up to take punches at my arms for twenty four hours. It leaves me laying on the couch bewildered and quizzical.

By this morning I was feeling better and wondering why I made such a fuss over everything the night before. Maybe I'm just a wuss? But, that's usually the way it works. My daughter and I had nothing planned today, so I thought I would surprise her with a trip to feed the ducks. The weather man was calling for "hot". We left the house with a pleasant breeze floating through the air. A stop was made for bread and some slurpies. What goes better with a warm spring day than a slurpy?  I can buy "L" a slurpy and I'm "the best mom in the whole entire world" for the rest of the day! (Those are her words, not mine. But, hey, if the shoe fits!) The dock was peaceful as we waited for the birds to swim to us. It's always amazing to see how excited my girlie gets when she is surrounded by all those birds. She can't throw the bread out fast enough to keep herself or the birds happy. We had ducks quacking, swans hissing, and geese honking while they all impatiently waited for more. I began to understand what old "Mr. Noah" must have felt like on his ark!

When the bread was gone and the noisy birds had forlornly floated away we decided to go walking. Random sticks were picked up and left-behind fishing line was found. They played into our imagination and we went "fishing". This was no ordinary imagining!  My husband LOVES to fish, so "L" knows quite a bit about the fish one can catch around here. We caught Bass large and small.  There were some Sunnies we threw back and some Crappies (Yes! That really is the name of a fish and not the description of what might be considered a "bad catch"!) were bagged. Did you know they make for some "good eating" as my daughter had said? Sometimes I am just blown away by her imagination.

All in all it was a great bonding morning and not one that I will soon forget. It's being sorted under "purest moments of life" and being copied to "I feel like a 'good Mom' moment". Now, don't quote me on this because I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at repeating things word for word...A favorite author wrote something to the effect that you can't achieve the highs until you've crawled through the lows. I completely understand that. This morning was most definitely one of my "highs". And knowing that I go through all the "lows" of Sjs could even be considered a blessing in disguise. Because the "lows" makes the "highs" just that much better!

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