Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taking a Cue From the Squirrel

Last night we went out with some friends.  I happened to have had an embarrassing case of Brain Fog while out with them. Or as my brain keeps wanting to call it...Brain Frog. For those who don't know "Brain fog is often experienced as problems with memory or difficulty focusing or problems with processing information or numbers or with paying attention. It is an experience of feeling not quite ‘all there’ mentally." (This definition is taken from an article from Sjogren's World  here.) It's quite common for people who have autoimmune diseases to have this happen.  It can be so frustrating and make a person feel so helpless. I most often  experience it when I mean to say one thing and quite another comes out of my mouth instead. I can go months in between times with this.  Last night I had a Brain Fog "moment" twice! Not fun!  So I was thinking that my brain must be fried and I need to relax as I was falling asleep at bedtime.
This morning I came down the stairs to find the little guy, above, lounging on my deck.  He was so cute, laying in the sun, I had to take a picture!  

Disclaimer: This squirrel's permission was not granted before posting his picture.  Please don't tell him! The end result would be an unpleasant inter-species lawsuit!

Then I thought, if Mr Squirrel can do it, so can I! Happily enough I had just an activity planned for this today! Some Mommy friends met up with "L" and I at T. J. Rockwell's for some lunch and a play date on their humongous (My daughter's favorite word for the moment.  Had to sneak it in for her!) deck out back. It reminds me of something straight out of one of my favorite movies from childhood.  It looks like something the Swiss Family  Robinson's would have built.  There are wooden deck levels everywhere.  Quite a bit of the decking is covered by grass huts and umbrellas.  The best part, according to my daughter, is that there is a mini playground right off the one side of deck. 

The kids clamored onto the playground as soon as they were permitted.  However, my friend and I clamored into the shade given off by the umbrellas as soon as dealing with the kids permitted!  We saved a seat in the shade for another friend. The kids kept each other company til the food showed up. Games of tag and and "sand removal" were played. I took some random shots of the kids with my camera.  We were also silly and took some photos of us, on another friend's camera. (She left it at someone's house last time were were together. I was given the task of getting it back to her.  Teach her to forget her camera, right!) It was warm but the breeze teasingly blew through the umbrellas from time to time, making it bearable. The conversation was great and the food delicious! Unbelievably, the kids had so much fun that we never heard "Mommy!!" once while they were playing.  I can't even tell you how refreshing that was!

At the end of the meal I realized three things.  First was that my shirt was sticking to my back due to the sweat.  Second my daughter was sooo filthy from playing that I wouldn't allow her in the house til I hosed her off out front. And third, I didn't care about either because I had had such a fantastic morning with friends!

Which reminds me, I should really put some peanuts outside as a "thank you" for Mr. Squirrel. Seriously, it's not a pay off for posting his picture with out permission. Shhh!

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