Friday, June 18, 2010

What a Beautiful Morning!

 Yesterday we had to drop off one of our doggies at the groomers.  She has got about three layers of fur and gets incredibly hot in the summer.  While we waited for her to get a hair cut we decided to go to our local zoo. What a beautiful day we had for it!  High seventies and a bright blue sky.  There were fluffy white clouds that dotted the blue here and there. The first thing to catch my attention was how majestic the flag looked on top of the Kissing Tower. I'm itching to turn it into a line drawing!

We spent the morning checking out all the animals in the zoo.  Now, if you are going to Zoo America expecting a zoo the size of the National Zoo you would be sadly disappointed! If you are walking (with no kids) at a fast pace it might only take 40 minutes. It gets rather boring to go through once you've toured it for the tenth time in one season. What it does have going for it is the amazing ability to thrill my daughter every time we go. And for that alone I love it! 

I took my camera along and got some great pictures.  We had a fantastic time, ran into friends, and had a picnic lunch with some of them. My favorite moment of the day would have to be the prairie dogs. They are usually in their burrows sleeping when we visit.  For some reason they were all out and playing, in frisky moods. We heard a lot of chirping going on.  It was really fun to finally get a chance to watch them. Most definitely a fantastic morning to be had by all. (Even the prairie dogs!)

And here's a picture of "the haircut". Just because I had to slip it in here! 

Images are my own


Jenny Pettit said...

Now see? Just a few days ago you were worried about what you might have denied your daughter, and now you've turned around and had a delightful, sun-filled, light-hearted spur-of-the-moment experience, and with wholesome fun! You can't POSSIBLY feel like your child wants for anything because of your condition after today. I think you should print out your post and hang it up for the next time you hear guilt rounding the corner.

Congrats, I'm happy for you:) And jealous; I'd LOVE to go to the zoo!

Julia said...

Just dropping by to say Hi to a fellow Sjoggie blogger!!

Your photographs are beautiful, as is your positive frame of mind.