Monday, June 14, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons....

I wanted to feed the animals!! We were suppose to go to Lake Tobias with our Mommy friends last week. I knew that I had to conserve some energy since we'd be going camping with my family at the end of the week.  So I had to make the tough decision to not go. I wrestled with the choice for a couple of hours the night before. It's THE WORST, to me, to have to tell my daughter that we can't do something because of being too tired. I am resolved to try my hardest to not let "L" miss out on anything because of her Mom. It's usually a pretty easy choice to make. Sometimes it can be downright hard. The instinct is there to not care what's going on with me as long as my kid is having a good time. What would you choose if you were quite often making that choice? Most of the time the choice is to spend the energy now and lay around the house exhausted later.  This time the choice was spend the energy now and lay around exhausted while we were camping.  Not something I wanted to do.

I'd like to think that I am a good mom, even a pretty cool one, with all the neat things that we do. What other Mom would encourage complete messes all in the name of art, I ask you?  Wait...don't answer that! Back to the point at hand, when I have to give up some cool activity because I am too tired...I feel like the world's worst Mom!  Now, I realize that there are sooo many other ways, a hundred times worse, to be a "Bad Mom". There's just no way to "talk me down" from that feeling while I am experiencing it, however. Fortunately for me my husband came up with the perfect funk-busting activity!

We don't usually indulge in extravagances in our household. Being a one income family requires us to be frugal when we can. If something is on sale, we're buying.  Restaurant coupons are made for us.  Buy one get one free, I'll take four thanks!  Considering the funk I was in my husband decided that a little indulgence was called for. He gave us some money and sent us off to the movies for the day. Not just a regular movie would do for this occasion either! Being three we had a limited selection to choose from, but I think "L" and I were both happy with the choice we made. We settled into our seats to watch Shrek Forever After in 3D!

"L" had her lap filled with treats. She was alternately chugging down lemonade and stuffing popcorn into her mouth as fast her little arms would allow.  Movie theater popcorn and lemonade are a treat we don't often indulge in after all. Of course I had a bag of popcorn and a cup of my favorite soda to partake in as well. A couple of days later I read that movie theater popcorn can be up to 1200 calories in one bag.  That didn't stop it from tasting like the best popcorn that I had ever eaten! Even better was the fact that we had the theater to ourselves.  "L" was able to get up and dance, talk, and laugh as boisterously as she wanted.  Which she did, of course!!

The movie was cute, laughable with some adult humor hidden in it. The popcorn and soda tasted divine.  And the empty theater was fantastically freeing.  But if you asked me what our favorite part of the whole experience.........The glasses!

So I guess in short...When your life hands you lemons go out and buy yourself some lemonade and a pair of 3D glasses!  Everything will look better after that!

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Jenny Pettit said...

I've been thinking about your posts for a few days, and I've come up with something.

You feel like you've let your daughter down, or denied her something by having to choose between these two outings. However, I think you've shown her that there are choices in life! The reality for you sounds like your health may have been the only roadblock, but there are dozens of other things that could have had the same result - financial constraints, prior commitments, or the need to take care of some chores so you could go on the next trip. In working with teens in my parish, I struggle with BO Syndrome (Better-Offer Syndrome, wherein they refuse to commit to an event or flake at the last minute), and boy do I wish their parents had taught them to make choices and commitments. You were still able to give her all of the same experiences (outdoor activities, etc), they just came with a lesson. I would try to refocus from the "limitations" mindset to feeling good you provided a responsible example for her.

Also, you're talking about exactly what I spend my time worrying about - what won't I be able to do as a mom when I have kids? Thanks for putting these thoughts and feelings out there:)

Blogger Mama said...

Aw, thanks Jenny! That is a fantastically optimistic way to look at it. I will have to try to remind myself of that next time I have to make a choice.

I am glad that someone is getting something from my blog. Even if it "helps" one person I will feel that I've accomplished something. Hopefully it's inspiration for your "choices"!