Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sorry I haven't written anything in a few days.  I've been busy with this and that.  

A friend of mine is starting a photography business.  We've made a team of sorts.  She takes the photos and I edit them for her. I love the fantastic photos that she sends me to play with. Most of the subjects are friends from our Mommy group. She's sent a ton of pictures my way to edit in the last day. Which I totally don't mind. Two photo shoots in the last week.  I get giddy seeing all the possibilities in the pictures! And can't work on them fast enough as far as I am concerned!  

While I don't have permission to post the pictures I am currently working on.  I do have a few I can post of past pictures that I have worked on.  Most of them are of my daughter, "L", of course.  Almost all of them have the faces blurred out.  It hurts my heart a little to mess up my pictures that way. But I want just protect the anonymity of the kids in the pictures. (I'm sure you understand!) Some of them have two pictures side by side.  The first would be the original version and the second one is the one is the final edited version.


Little Man


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