Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Captain Underwear!

So my daughter is going through a phase.  I know this, but it doesn't comfort me when I imagine her running around in her panties in ten years screaming, "Underwear!" She sure does keep things interesting around our house!

We played out in the rain this morning. Or rather, she played in the rain, I read under our huge deck umbrella. She spent two hours  decorating our deck with chalk and watching the rain wash it off. 

Thank goodness for those two hours!  She was... literally....lit-er-a-lly.... bouncing off the walls in our living room this morning.  At one point she was blowing one of these party blowers, to the left, at me while asking if she was annoying.  Every time she blew out it hit me right smack in the ear.  When I asked her to please stop, she graciously complied before promptly blowing it right before my eyes.  At that point I decided I NEEDED out of the house and it NEEDED to be a case of instant gratification! Otherwise I was picturing myself tying her up to her train tracks and playing Evil Knievel with her match box cars! would have made for some fun pictures anyway!

While outside I was entertained with my daughter's very own rain dance.  It wasn't any ordinary rain dance, just in case you were wondering.  I was told it was a magical rain dance. This was said to me in a voice filled with all the awe that a four year old can muster.  Then she proceeded to do a jaunty little wiggle around my chair while chanting "rain" and making animals growls.  She was half bent over, her hands were curled into claws, and her little hiney shook behind her.

Anyway, all this brings me back to underwear.  I took off "L's" wet clothes once we got inside. She wrapped herself in a towel and ran for the living room.  One would normally assume that their child would most likely be furiously drying themselves off while watching their shows.  In my daughter's case you would be...WRONG! So so wrong. I momentarily forgot "L's" unholy love of being naked.  How silly of me!! I came back into the living room to find my daughter hopping across our couch cushions.  The towel was forgotten on the floor, the dogs were curiously watching and smartly staying out of her way. (Which I was fervently wishing I could do at that moment.) She was making some kind of crowing noise, like Peter Pan, and screaming, "UNDERWEAR!!!" at the top of her lungs.  I am still wondering what has happened in the last few months to give my daughter such a crazy love of being naked and the word "underwear"?!? At least I don't feel so alone in this, curiously enough, I know of at least one other friend who is similarly confused by their daughter's fascination with this.

And now that I've left you with the hilarious mental images that are sure to follow.....I will be MIA for a few days while spending some time with family! Here's hoping I am not too drained and not hurting too bad. But who's wishing.  If you happen to see my fairy godmother lurking in any corners send her my way, please! Til' next time..."UNDERWEAR!!!"

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