Monday, July 19, 2010

Dropping the Ball

"At some point you are just going to have to drop the ball"....

"L" and I went to visit a local retirement home today.  Our Mommy group does "volunteer work" there once a month.  We bring our kiddos in and have a craft time with the residents. Followed up by cookie time and a book reading. The kids love all the attention and the residents love to watch their antics. I must have been running around helping out more than I realized.  When I left I felt like I had hit a wall and my energy was just gone. It reminded me of a scene from a children's movie I had just watched. I felt like the rabbits in this little clip.


I was talking with my friend "M" this morning on the way out. And while I felt my energy draining we were talking of all the things that I felt I needed to do this afternoon at some point.  Change the sheets, schedule my Mommy group's play dates for August, play with "L", check my e-mail, make dinner, upload photos, etc. I was getting to the point of feeling overwhelmed when I turned around to see my daughter splashing, with her good church shoes, in a parking lot puddle!!! And as if that hadn't gotten to me she suddenly turned around full circle, like a dog laying down, and sat in the middle....the middle....of the puddle!!! It must have looked amazingly fun to her friend because she was perilously close to doing this as well. Thankfully that action was curbed by her Mommy, ending "L's" bad example for the day.

By the time I had collected my daughter from her puddle and walked to the car she had water dripping down her legs. My friend and I were finishing up our conversation when "L" found another puddle. I must have had an incredible mix of emotions on my face, each vying for top position.  "M" saw this and tried to intervene. Eventually I decided to just strip her bare and finagle her into her car seat while she was bouncing with frenetic energy. My friend looked at me and said, "At some point you are just going to have to drop the ball. You can't do it all."

I hate the thought of that.  I want to get everything done and still have the energy of a twenty one year old.  That's not my reality anymore. I know this.  It doesn't mean I can't try to do some of it!  But I did understand what she was trying to tell me. I can't be SUPERMOM.  I get it. So while listening to my daughter sing along with Alvin & The Chipmunks, while happily naked, I decided... I'm dropping the ball and calling for a movie afternoon! Thanks for the reminder "M'!

PS- Thank you to my readers.  I've now had over 200 views on my blog since I added the "hit counter".  It's so great knowing that people are actually reading my blog!


Jenny Pettit said...

How do you add a hit counter? I haven't come across that anywhere...

For whatever it's worth, I shared "L's" antics today with my husband (I'm actually home sick myself today) and she had us laughing and imagining what our future kids might do like that.

Blogger Mama said...

Glad you could get a laugh out of it! :o)

I got my "hit counter" here...

To add it...
*Go to "design"
*Click on "add a gadget"
*Click on "HTML/JavaScript"
*Paste the code where the hitcounter websites provided you
*Hit on save button
And there ya have it!