Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!


I am sitting here watching my husband put together a bike, because that is the ONLY thing that my daughter wanted for her birthday.  It's pink and covered in pictures of the princesses. Even the training wheels and pedals are pink.  And of course no big girl bike is complete without the bell and pink/white streamers! She's four today! She's convinced herself that she is "officially" a big girl now. So of course once you "officially" become a big girl you need a big girl birthday gift. That's just the way it works, right? Yeah!

Whenever "L's" birthday comes around I always end up reminiscing about what it took to get her. As I am sure most moms do on their children's birthday. My first trimester brought with it a whirling bout of Vertigo. I was also one of the lucky ones who got "morning sickness" around the clock.  I lived on crackers and ginger ale. The blessing in that is that I only managed to have it for three weeks. As my husband says, "it's the only thing I did get lucky with".

My second trimester saw me dealing with Carpal tunnel and Costochondritis. For those who have not enjoyed a date with Costochondritis, let me recommend against it! I was in the ER, for visit number one, for twelve hours while they did every test imaginable. Costochondritis leaves you feeling as if someone is stabbing you in the chest every time you breath. The only thing they were willing to give me was ibuprofen, which of course a pregnant women can't have. I did have a few weeks in the second trimester that I felt great for at least. 

One morning in my third trimester I woke up and couldn't feel my mouth.  Which heralded in the Bell's Palsy that I wrote about in a former blog. A couple days later I had my second ER visit when I began to have problems breathing.  The verdict was that I was just too swollen everywhere.  A great thing to hear your doctor tell you, when you are pregnant, by the way.  Thanks you very much doc, that's just what I needed! So that began my bed rest. My family got to work making meals for us.  I had movies galore sent for me to watch.  And my husband managed to borrow a laptop so I was able to busy myself online. At the end of the pregnancy I developed Preeclampsia as well. My third visitto the hospital, was because of a continual headache, which ended up being my last.  They kept me and decided to induce me four weeks early. 

I didn't have a truly terrible labor.  Half of my epidural didn't work, but some women choose not to have any.  So I really shouldn't complain about that. I had to have magnesium to prevent ceazures because of the preclampsia. You have to go through a with drawl period I didn't get to eat for what seemed like forever. My husband and family took to eating their meals frantically in the hallways so I didn't have to smell their food. 

It turned out that I did have a pregnancy full of complications but none of it touched my daughter.  She was born perfectly healthy and beautiful. I jokingly call her my seven pound preemie! Given all that I had to go through for us to have a baby....I would easily do it all again for her! She is the best thing, next to my husband, that has ever happened to me. She makes me want to be a better person. The kind that a daughter can look up to and want to be someday. A Godly example, soccer mom, cookie maker, craft project making, someone to tell secrets with, hero.  

I am going to go wake up "L" and give her her first birthday card of the day now.  As well as an incredible hug because those are already coming few and far between! In the last few years there have been times that I was so excited to see her do the next new thing. Someone told me that "The days are long but the years are short". At four years old that seems to be sooo true.  Though I know it will be even more so in years to come. She's not my baby anymore! OK, enough with the emotions! I'll leave you with a song that I wrote for "L" as a baby, every once in awhile I sing it to her while she'll still let me...

Sing me a song little monster girl, 
And I'll tell you every thing's right.
'Cause the world's filled with chocolate and lolly pops,
And your future's looking bright!

You've got a Mommy who loves you,
Daddy loves you just as much.
We're all a little happy family,
And you were the perfect touch!

PS. We used to call her "monster" because of how she grunted when she drank her bottles. I can't have you thinking that I went through all of that just to call my baby a monster!! C'mon you know you were wondering!

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