Monday, July 26, 2010

I Need A Nap!

Just had an outdoor play date at my house. Seven moms and their kiddos running around. We painted with food colored ice cubes.  I ran out of food coloring so I also made tang ice cubes.  The kids ended up sucking on them rather then painting with them.  Not that I'm really surprised by that!! I also had the baby pool filled and a tarp out to use as a slip-n-slide.  I don't think our preschoolers really "got" how to run and slide on it yet.  It was fun to see them run around on it though. 

We had some lunch. A good way to get rid of left overs from my party this weekend. The kids all managed to sit down for a short period of time to eat.  They were having too much fun playing to really sit for too long.

There was very little mess to clean up.  A little bit of food to put away and some toys in the yard.  That's the way I like it.  Also found out while cleaning that a friend is in the ER.  Here's hoping they can figure out what's wrong.  We're all antsy and dying to know that she's OK!

Now I am crashed on the bed, while "L" sleeps, hoping I get my energy back up for this afternoon.  We're going to buy a new car for ourselves.  It will replace the one that got hit a couple of weeks ago at a stop light. Gotta thank the insurance company for part of our down payment! Wish us luck!!



hellO! its me CHRONICLYsILLy! I am just going to double check with Hannah and her mom (im sure they would LOVE TO SHARE!!!) and once I hear from them Il Let you know, If I know them theyl lbe thrilled to share adn spread awareness and her story! Im glad you were able to relate so closely, I tihnk many of us were able to too... Sending love and spoons and Ill get back to you promptly!!


Hello my dear! just spoke with Hannah nand her mom they would love it if you would repost! PLEASE by all means they were so excited to share the story and help others...>pass it along to anyone whoneeds that boost of inspiration! LEt me know when you repost I will link up to your blog on my FB page and ridirect my readers and my support groups here to read it too! Sending love and spoons and if you need me my email is sending my best wishes and good heath for you today!