Monday, July 5, 2010

It Was Worth It!!

This weekend I took "L" camping with my parents and some family members overnight.  (I've added some pictures from the trip.) We had a fantastic time.  The weather was perfect, the company relaxing, and the activities were fun.  I came home feeling tired but not too bad for what I could have felt like.

Saturday night we went over and spent some leisurely time with friends while our kiddos played.  We had pizza and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I watched my daughter and her friend run frantically through a sprinkler.  That was the highlight of the night. Or it could have been when "L" called, "Come this way to get out of the water Love", while speaking to a friend.  It just melted my heart. I came home feeling a little more tired.

Yesterday we did all the Fourth of July festivities.  We went to a family picnic all day.  I think  my daughter spent all but half an hour in the pool of the five hours we were there. There were many yummy goodies to choose from for lunch, great company, and it's always great to see "L" having so much fun.  I came home from that feeling really tired!

Last night we took our daughter to see her first live fireworks.  We met up with some friends and had ice cream in a Friendly's parking lot while waiting for them to begin. I think "L" had more fun dancing and playing with her friends while she watched the fireworks then she had had all week.  She was so excited, I swear, she didn't stop talking throughout the entire fireworks show! It was super late so she was going on the I'm-way-too-tired-and-I-don't-want-to-fall-asleep-while-standing-here-tired-energy. It was pretty funny to watch.  And of course for me the fireworks were fantastic because watching the awe on my daughter's face made them new all over again.  I love that part about being a mom! 

I came home last night feeling the effects of the wh-o-o-o-ole weekend.  Which, in no particular order, would have been; exhausted, hurting, sun burnt, and swollen. I can't seem to pry the rings off my fingers, which usually means that I "partied" too hard and need to "check myself".  Of course I was way too keyed up to fall asleep when I got home last night after all the excitement.  So I was checking out the Sjogren's support group on Facebook.  It's a great place to go when I am feeling frustrated.  It helps me feel as if I am not all alone and imagining things.  It also brings me back to reality with the realization that I have it "easy" as far as chronic illnesses go. I ran across a fantastically funny, new-ish, blogger.  

I found a great article on this blog that in my opinion is so helpful in describing what it feels like to have a chronic illness. I have had friends ask me what it feels like and my description always seems to fall a little short of the mark. I see the arrow hitting just outside the red circle on the target. Usually I say that I feel as if I have mono all the time.  Adding to that feeling is achieness, similar to the feeling you get after you've just done a killer workout. Anyway, I have added this link to the article. I hope it helps explain a little bit better.  I found it on So here is the article... Spoon Theory

Now I am going to go wake up my daughter.  Yes, she is still sleeping at almost ten this morning after staying up as late as she ever has.  The rest of my day is going to be devoted to laying around and trying to get my energy level back up.  I'll end up playing some games or coloring on the couch with "L".  We'll probably pop in a movie to watch at some point as well.  And I will definitely be trying to get these, in the words of Yosemity Sam, "wrecking, frecking, flim, flam" rings off my fingers!



Your pictures are gorgeous! I enjoy reading your blog, I too have sjogrens but mine is secondary to my lupus, keep on Blogging Blogger Mama! <3

Blogger Mama said...

Hey thanks!