Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh What We Do For Our Kids!

My daughter will be four next week!  Wow, the time has gone fast!!  She decided this year that she wanted a Princess party.  I was suppose to make a princess castle out of cake.  But.....while I was wandering around the Internet one day I came across "How To Train Your Dragon" party supplies.  At the moment that is "L's" favorite movie.  So, of course she had to switch party themes! Now I am assigned the task of making a dragon cake for her instead.  It took me a couple of days but I made out some plans.  I was thorough enough that I even drew out some patterns.  I consulted one of my "cake pro" friends about some of the aspects as well. 


Today I did the first steps to make the cake. A dragon needs wings of course!  So I decided to try my hand at using Royal Icing for the first time. I found this wonderfully helpful site on Royal Icing. It was rather easy. Though I am slightly disappointed in the one wing I created since the icing was hardening before I was ready for it to.  So it's not as smooth as the other one is.  I am usually a perfectionist about creating things.  Artists usually tend to be so, which I am.  Normally I would go into a huff about this and start over from scratch.  However, I have had plenty of loving and supportive family/friends that have been reminding me that this is a cake for a four year old.  And that my daughter won't even notice the little imperfections that I would stress over.  So...I am letting it be, and VERY proud of myself for it!  Now here's hoping that they actually set right! Fortunately "L" will be out of the house till Saturday so they should be set by the time she gets back.

I also made a bunch of circles to add to the "dragon's back.  I will have full pictures of the finished piece once it's done next Thursday. I am excited to see how it all turns out!

I stood for about an hour to make the icing and then the wings and dots.  Standing for that long has made me t-i-r-e-d and s-o-r-e!  So I am going to rest now. More to come later....



I DO ACE OF CAKES TYPE CAKES! This looks like it is going to be amazing! I have pictures on my facevbook of my cake and if you need any help Ivetaken a few cake designing classes and have some tips up my sleeve!

Blogger Mama said...

Picture of the cake to come! The royal icing dried PERFECTLY, I am thrilled!