Sunday, July 25, 2010


What a busy few days! Wow!! Which would also explain my blog absence. Forgive me? Of course you do!  I'll catch you up anyway, so it's no biggie!

Friday I had a Mom's night out with my girlfriends.  It was soo great and much much needed as well. We went to dinner at Carrabas. Yummmm.  I had the best cannalonies EVER! I also got dessert. Even better!  

We all decided to go dancing afterwards. There were two choices of places to go to.  The first would be 2nd street where there are quite a few bars to choose from.  But also, abundantly overflowing with twenty year olds in all their glory. OK, I am not at all worried about my impending 30th birthday. (It's Wednesday!) Truly!  But what mom wants to be dancing next to a stunning twenty year old, with a hot body, while their "baby tummies" jiggle to the beat of the playing music?!? I certainly don't.  And most of my friends decided they didn't want to either.  So we decided to go with our second option and go visit the Hardware Bar.  I had never been but once we got their we quickly realized that there is a wide selection of people there.  We were ready to dance!!

The only downside to the dancing is that we ended up choosing one of the hottest nights of the whole blistering summer to do our dancing! I had a drink and half way through my second I realized that it was just NOT a good idea to drink anything other than water.  We were all sweating out everything that we drank within fifteen minutes of doing so.  I ended up chugging water all night.  At some point the heat and dancing got me and my body just felt like it was shutting down.  We all drug ourselves out to the deck chairs and collapsed. I could have probably fallen asleep while sitting there! My friend "F" took pity on me and drove me home early. 

I don't know if I ended up with a bug or if the heat just beat me up that badly, but I was sick alllll night long. My friends want to go dancing again in the fall when it's not so hot.  Sounds fun!  I will have to weigh the options though.  Here's hoping I don't get ridiculously sick from exhaustion.  Maybe I will just have to make sure that I have nothing planned for the next day to seriously conserve my energy. I  had a fantastic time, though. It was so worth it!!!

Yesterday we were suppose to be going to a friends birthday party.  We ended up at a surprise birthday party for myself. It was so great seeing everyone.  My daughter ran around like a hooligan with her friends.  she played so hard she was covered in sweat when we left. A bunch of my family was able to come and my husband invited a few of my friends as well.  The food was yummy as well as the cake. I got some amazing presents! I went home and used one of my gift cards as soon as I had some free time!  I think the best one would have been from my group of Mommy friends. They collected money to buy me a gift certificate to the Spa at Hershey Hotel.  I am getting a pedicure and a cocoa massage.  I get goosebumps of anticipation when I think about using it!! And better yet two of my friends are going along for us to have some girl time.  I can't wait!  Anyway, I felt so loved having everyone come help me celebrate my birthday.

Now I have to get back to some more photo editing.  I have been slacking off with that as well since I've had so much going on. So enough is enough, back to work I go!!

PS- If any of my friends care that their picture is up on my blog just "say the word".

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