Friday, July 30, 2010

What a Beautiful Morning!

This morning was amazing.  We actually stayed home for a change and we had such a great morning because of it! There were so many reasons why it was great. Things I heard, saw, talked about with "L" about, and things I thought about. I just felt like making a list of things I was loving this morning...

1.  The weather. The beautiful sun was shining down on us. It felt amazing sitting on the deck with it hitting us. It's only 80 today so the sun wasn't scorchingly hot for once.

2. My huge deck umbrella that shaded me and still let the right amount of sunshine flow languidly over my skin.

3. My gorgeous daughter's singing while she water colored in her princess coloring book on the deck.

4. "L's" love of big words. She thought this morning was "humongously fantastic darling!" Though admittedly they are not always used in the right context.

5. After saying that....I love the fact that my daughter is secure enough (or precociously cute if you'd prefer) to be calling every one darling at the moment. I admit at times it comes across as disrespectful.  When that happens I am quick to correct her.  But really who could hear a four year old say "Thank you my dah-ling" and not think it's adorable!!...Unless she's being mouthy! Ha!

6. The birds were singing in the trees this morning.  Maybe it comes from my years of camping with my family, I don't know.  But there is nothing so relaxing to me as hearing a Turtle Dove cooing in the tree above me.

7. The locusts were chirping in the thicket behind our house. Now that is a sound I most definitely attribute to summer time!

8. My husband who has been watching "L" by himself so much lately.  He's had "Daddy duty" quite a bit because I've been visiting a dear friend of mine in the hospital. And he'll be watching her again tomorrow afternoon so I can go use my birthday present.  A fabulous time at the spa with a friend.

9. My Parents who are watching my daughter tomorrow night so that my husband and I can spend the night at a B&B in the area. I cannot wait!  There's sure to be a post to follow about how fabulous it is. This years birthday has really turned into a birthday week!

10. My Mother-in-law who didn't quite get what I was telling her last night when I said that we were excited to go to the carnival ALONE. Despite the fact that I was annoyed with not being able to be there as just our small little family, I recognize that she was there because she loves our daughter that much and can't get enough of her.

11. The completely random stupid quotes that kept on popping into my head from the episode of Jersey Shore I watched last night.  Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I watch it.  Guilty pleasure!! Yes, it has to kill off a few brain cells while I am watching it.  But it's truly like a train wreck. You don't want to watch but you can't help yourself. And on this subject I'll end with this question... "Where's all the juice heads to creep on?!"

12. I got an amazing amount of bookstore gift cards for my birthday.  I spent them all within the first couple of days after I'd received them.  All the books came today.  So I was lovin' the UPS guy!  OK, so when I say lovin', I mean I was in the oh-you-are-so-great-to-have-brought-me-my-books-thanks-a-lot-way.  Not in the inappropriate way.  Besides he was not the stereotypical UPS guy you see in all the commercials.  Excuse me while I take a second to shiver in disgust!

13. My readers who left me all the kind comments, on here and other various places, after reading my post from yesterday!

Hope you all have a fabulous afternoon!

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