Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I had my stress today.  They hooked me up and I started to hear the music from "The Bionic Woman" playing in my head. Yes, I know that thought might be a little dated for some of my younger readers. ...Sorry... I climbed onto the treadmill and began the test.  The only thing that irritated me was that they kept trying to have conversations with me while I was out of breath.  Who wants to have a conversation while they are trying to climb an inclined treadmill, designed to feel like a mountain, and BREATHE all at the same time?!?!? 

Seems like everything looked pretty well.  I am having premature ventricular contractions (PVC's). Which means that my heart is beating before it should.  Fortunately, I am not having this problem all the time.  They happen in clusters.  I will have them for about two months and then they disappear again for awhile.  While I have them I experience chest tightness, dizziness, chest pain, even more tiredness than I usually experience, etc.  Not fun. So at this point they have no idea why I am having the pvc's.  They don't really know what's causing them either.  They do know when I feel the "episodes" that I end up with 20,000 extra heart beats out of a 100,000 from the heart monitor that I wore for twenty four hours. 

So now that the stress test is done and they know that exercise doesn't cause it, they are apparently leaving "it alone". I am just suppose to "deal with it" until I can't stand it any longer.  Tends to leave a person cranky and disappointed in the medical system after hearing that.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that my body doesn't hurt too much tomorrow because of the test.  At least I know most of my friends will understand if they see my vegged out in a lawn chair at our play date!

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