Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Wouldn't Trade Any Of It

I hurt. I hurt badly! And to make it better... I have swollen feet, toes, ankles, knees, and fingers. I feel like I am singing the body part song.  But look at that smile! Dimple and all!

Since this is my girlie's last full week at home before preschool I wanted to make it special for her. Monday we went out with Nana for lunch. We left her work with pockets full of candy. Tuesday we had an art day.  Boy does she LOVE her art. We spent the day coloring, pasting, cutting, gluing, and painting.  L was in heaven. Yesterday, was her normal afternoon with her Grandma.  Grandma took her to the zoo. Today...

We met two of L's very good friends (Who's Mommy happens to be a good friend of mine. Yay for me!) at Hershey Park for the day. I knew going into this day that I would leave the park hurting and tired.  I did it anyway! *Sticking my tongue out* Yeah, so?  I knew I would end up like I have but it was sooo worth it!

We trekked around the whoooole amusement park. The kids had so much fun riding the kiddie rides. We ate lunch at a cafe where they have performances.  L was just in rapture.  She was amazed and awed by it.  After a while she couldn't help but dance right along with them. Afterwards some of the performers came over to chat with her.  I most definitely had more fun watching her then the actual performance!  I couldn't keep my eyes off her! After lunch we went to the water park. We finished off with some more rides. And a not-so-planned dip in the wishing pond, for one of our friends, thanks to L. (The picture was taken before the "dip".) There weren't many kids rides we didn't let them get on today!

On the way home L came out with an interesting piece of news for me.  Apparently, there has been a new person added to our family since I last checked.  Her name is "Window" and she is a good buddy of L's.  I can't see her because I lack the capabilities to blend in with all of my surroundings. See, Window, is apparently a little girl with camelion-like tendencies.  And she is very shy if you aren't blending in like her. (I wonder if this is a metaphor for my daughter not feeling comfortable unless she is conforming to everyone else.  And then I think "Nahhhhh!" There's no way that L even knows how to be anything else but unique. If there was a poster girl for marching to her own beat, that would be my L!) Enough with my musings.... Window loves being outside in nature.  Because, "Nature is allllllll around us!"", says L! Her favorite thing to blend in with is grass, which explains her proclivity towards nature. (Window's proclivity not L's though I'd like to see her try this.) I am wondering if we will be hearing a lot more about Window in the days to come.  Or was this just a passing fancy of my daughter's.  She has been known to do that.  She's comes by it honestly on her Mama's side!  But, seriously, where does she come up with this stuff?!?

So, yes, I am in pain.  Will probably be so even more tomorrow and maybe even the next day!  And I don't think that L will have even a vague idea that I am not feeling well.  I'd like to keep it that way.  I hope that she will never know exactly how I feel. Because it was all worth it.  I wouldn't trade any of it.  (Except for the unplanned "dip" in the wishing pond!) The memories we made today will last for a lifetime. The pictures, for even longer.

Next up tomorrow...a picnic lunch and a fishing trip with Mommy, Daddy, and Opa at a friend's farm, after dinner!  And possibly another post depending on how that outing goes!

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