Friday, August 13, 2010


I love to listen to little kids talk! Their conversations are such a strange mix of child and grown-up all rolled into one. I especially love when they say things and don't even realize that in "adult language" are down right hilarious! Then they end up standing there looking at you like you've grown two heads, while you roll around on the floor laughing hysterically, all the while trying to figure out what they said that was so funny.  In my daughter's case she usually tries to re-create the scene over and over again just to get a laugh out of me.  To her an adult laugh, my laugh, is VERY addicting!!

For some reason L just noticed that some cars have car racks on top of them.  She didn't know what they were called and spent about ten minutes trying to describe to me what they were so I could figure out what she was talking about. Ok, so I already knew what she was talking about but I just wanted to see how long she would be willing to talk to get her point across.  Yeah, I know, the things I do to my daughter! Ha! Boy, do I have some pictures! Anyway... She seriously talked about car racks and pointed out which cars had them and which didn't for a good ten minutes in the car. Finally she brought the subject around to our car rack. The conversation was ended with an innocently hilarious comment...

"Mommy, you sure do have an awful big rack!!..."

I was very glad I knew where I was driving because I laughed so hard I started tearing up.  She sat in the back very perplexed and kept repeating words to see if I would start laughing again.  Then she gave up and I heard her say...

"...On the car that is."

I thought, Well thanks for finishing that sentence Honey!

Seriously, kids say the funniest things!  Since L started talking my life has been so much more interesting!  She makes it ALL worth living for, EVERYTHING!!

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