Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh That Girl!!

I recovered the other day from the nasty migraine I had.  I took some Excedrin Migraine and pumped myself full of caffeine.  I was successful in kicking the migraine's butt.  I was also successful in keeping myself up til four am the next morning before being able to fall asleep due to all the caffeine!  My husband was wonderful enough to watch L and let me sleep in til ten am the next morning. 

Last night I managed to get nine hours of sleep.  I was dead to the world, with almost no waking and rolling. That doesn't happen very often.  I woke feeling as if I had barely gotten three hours of sleep, however. To add to that I am dealing with yet another sinus headache. Where are they coming from?!? Although, I am far more willing to deal with a sinus headache then a migraine I would obviously rather not have to deal with either! I feel as if it's zapping my strength at the moment. I have very little energy today. I've been attempting to save it for lunch time.

Despite how I am feeling L and I had a delightful lunch out with Nana (my mom).  We went to a quaint little pizza place.  L was all wound up to have pizza for lunch only to find out that their pizza oven was busted.  That didn't stop her from putting a serious dent in her chicken fingers and fries meal! That girl is crazy about chicken!!

On the way home L decided to have a whole conversation that revolved solely around the buttons on her dress.  Believe me when I say that it's not a hard thing for my daughter to accomplish!  She would make an excellent candidate for a filibuster during a legislative assembly! She can be quite eloquent for a four year old but mostly she was saying....

"Button the dress....unbutton the dress...."

I should have realized that something was not right when I never heard her end this conversation with the words, "button the dress". When we got home I open the door to let her out and came upon a naked L sitting in her car seat.  There were so many things I wanted to say to her and just ended up saying her name.  Her FULL name. (You know what that means!) She was giving me her best wide Bambie-eyed innocent stare.  I could hear her thinking, "Who me?" in her head. Her dress was laying in a pile, forgotten until that moment. Her pink crocks thrown hapahazardly on top of the dress. Her only explanation...

"I was practicing my buttons Mommy!"

So I ended up using some more energy to dress my little girl for THE SECOND TIME today in that silly little bluejhean dress with buttons the WHOLE WAY down the front. Man does she keep me on my toes!!  But she sure does look cute in that dress. 

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