Monday, August 9, 2010

A Sweet Day

I've just started a cake decorating class with my Mom.  It was part of my 30th birthday present from them. It was a little daunting the first night.  We have to consistently squeeze the icing bag to decorate.  That's an obvious! What I didn't think about is that it's a killer on my hands. I am hoping that the more I do it the easier it will get on my hands. But I think I've got it down.  I'm looking forward to what we'll learn in this weeks class.

L and I go busy this morning making a cake and some cupcakes for my upcoming class.  I pulled out a standing mixer that was my husband's grandma's. I have never really needed to use it before now.  I thought I should give it a whirl (Pun intended! Hardy har har!).  I was afraid if I had to use my hand mixer for 8 minutes to make icing and then practice icing with the icing bag that my hands would really be hurting!  I have to say I loved using the mixer.  And L loved helping me crack the eggs, pour in the mix, etc.

Then I began to make my icing that is needed for class this week.  (Apparently this recipe can stay good for months as long as I use water instead of milk in the recipe.)  I got half way through putting everything in the bowl.  I was just about to add the shortening and realized that I really hadn't used it in quite a while... A loooong while!  It was a year and a half over the expiration date.  So I had to put that to the side til I get some more.

Then I got out some pre-made icing to practice what I've learned so far (the little stars).  And then practiced what I'm suppose to use in class next (the wavy lines to the right.)

L's favorite "grown-up show" is The Cake Boss.  So she made me swear that I would show her whatever I learned in class.  She was glued to my side when I was practicing.  Seriously, I thought I was going to need a spatula to peel her off me! She couldn't wait to try it out herself. And per normal she took what she saw me doing to an all new level.  (See the "person" below)

After we were both done "practicing" I cleaned up the mess my kitchen had become. When you have a tiny kitchen even a little mess seems huge. Fortunately for me, as you could see in the top picture, L was more than happy to help me "clean up"! While I was cleaning up the icing bag I managed to help my garbage disposal eat one of the icing bag tips.  Insert sniffling sounds here, please!

We did manage to have a good morning filled with sweet fun.  And we made quite a few memories with some great pictures as well! Now I am going to go rest my hands for the night and hope my friends forgive me for not doing more photo editing.  I think I've tortured my hands enough for one day.

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