Monday, August 2, 2010

The Westwynd Inn

Driving down the little stone road the first time, my husband and I wondered if it was actually leading us somewhere. The road looks like a classic country path surrounded by trees, as it is. On this visit down the stone path we knew where we were headed and couldn't wait to get there!

The Westwynd Inn is located five minutes from Hershey Park, the zoo, downtown Hershey, Giant stadium, and The Hotel Hershey (where the spa is located).  You would never know this after finding your way to the end of that little stone road.  It's as if you are in a country of your own. Safe and protected in your own little bubble of pure bliss that is the Westwynd.  The inn is located on a 32 acre horse farm. The views are picturesque enough to belong on the front of a post card.

 Upon entering the inn, we were welcomed by Carolyn the owner and made to feel at home right away.  We didn't need a tour this time, but I would recommend it to those who are going for the first time. The inn is covered in antiques and trophies from the horses they have owned and stabled. You would think, hearing the word antiques, that it is a stuffy place to go.  Somehow they have it decorated like that and yet it still feels as if you are at your own home.  Or a home of a favorite aunt who wants to spoil you rotten. The guest fridge in the basement is filled with any drink you could imagine.  There are also snacks to be had should you need a late night snack. And if that isn't enough the candy bowls filled with chocolate through out the inn or the complimentary Hershey bars in your room should definitely help as well!

After you've had your snack guests are encouraged to wander around the farm. T and I always like to eat our "picnic" dinner by the garden waterfall.  It's peaceful to hear the water splashing and the resident bull frog singing. The house is surrounded by flowers in a beautiful array of colors. Every time I've finally thought that I've seen them all I find a new patch of flowers somewhere else. My favorite spot around the house would be the quintessential porch swing on their wrap around porch. I loved watching the horses in the pasture as the lightning bugs came out to play. 

We got a room off to the side of the inn.  It was a fantastic room to stay in.  Plenty of space, beautifully decorated, and furnished with a huge jacuzzi tub.  The candles they set out in the room and the wine offered were the perfect romantic touches.  I loved the tub so much I laid in it and read my book for almost an hour the morning we were suppose to leave.  I went in stiff from my Sjs and came out feeling wonderful.  Like my bones and muscles had all melted while in the tub.  I really think I NEED one of those tubs!!! Honey.... please??? OK, yeah I know!

My favorite park of the whole place would be the barn.  They quite possibly have the most friendly barn cats ever.  I felt like the pied piper of cats.  They followed us around the barn, chirping at us, because they wanted more petting. The horses weren't much better either.  My buddy, Dillan the horse, acted like a dog.  He leaned into me where ever he wanted scratched.  He enjoyed me scratching his ear so much that he was leaning all the weight of his head on my hand!  They also have goats, Pygmy goats, two dogs (very friendly), Mickey the resident donkey, two miniature ponies, Taco & Paco the alpaca, and many many horses to pet and spoil. We were out in the barn for feeding time. So we were allowed to help feed the alpaca from our hands.  It really was a neat experience.  And they are the cutest animals!  I had so much fun we ended up spending an hour and a half in the barn with the animals. I was definitely having a problem keeping my attention on one thing for too long.  There was always something new to look at.

Breakfast is, of course, included in the night's stay.  In the morning I had THE MOST fluffy light pancakes that I have ever eaten. Mmmm... My mouth is literally salivating just thinking about them.  Come to think of it I need to keep that thought in mind next time my mouth gets so dry from the Sjs!! Instant salivary gland therapy for me! Johns Hopkins new Sjs department should start doing research on that now!  Anyway, back to the subject.  We were also served fresh local fruit, freshly baked bread, and grilled sausage to go along with the mouth watering pancakes.

When we arrive we leave everything behind us.  No computers, cells, or anything that reminds us of our busy lives. I always leave feeling rejuvenated. I feel better mentally as well, it helps me forget any recent troubles I may have had with my health. It's completely relaxing and makes us feel as if we've been there a week. So, when it was time to leave I am always very sad to go.

Before we left I mentioned how much my daughter would love to see the horses at the farm. We were promptly invited back to just come see the horses.  L was sooo excited about the invitation to go. She's started a count down till we are planning on taking her.

Now I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the Westwynd Inn. It was hard to just pick a few!

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