Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Need of Some Funnies...

I was in need of a laugh this afternoon.  So I read through a shoe box.  Sounds funny, I know!  My daughter comes out with the craziest things that she says at times.  I always try to write it down on a post-it-note and store it in a shoe box.  It's exactly for days like today, so I can read over them and get a laugh!  So I thought I would share them.  Many of these have made the honor of being my Facebook Headlines. So for all my FB buddies some of these may be redundant.  Enjoy!

Comments L has made...

* "Mommy that is not very remarkable." ...Said after I very proudly showed her something that I had made. Who needs enemies???

* "Mommy, I love you, but I'm marrying Daddy!" ...Said with one hand on her hip and the other hand put up in a "stop" motion.

* "When I am grown up I will ALWAYS say yes!" ...I am sure you can imagine what prompted this comment!

* "You broke my life Daddy!" ...Daddy had just told her that she could not stay up any longer, that it was time for bed.  This apparently was a horrible thing to hear which ruined her life.

* "I will go look for raggel snakes. Here snake-y snake-y snake-y." ...She had just been warned that there could be rattle snakes in the woods and she should be careful. So naturally calling to the snakes would be an action of caution!

* "I have a friend you can't see.  Her name is Window.  You can't see her because she likes to camouflage herself.  And you can't see her unless you are camouflaging too!" ...Well. what do you really to say to someone after that?

* "I love you more then all the puppies drinking water in the city" ...She apparently really liked the fact that I gave her her favorite treat!  This is exactly what I would say to someone who gave me something great. *snorting noises*

* "This storm is so cool!  It looks like God writed on the sky!" ...It did look pretty cool.

* "Mommy, I'm so glad that you took me to the apple torture." ...She really meant apple orchard.  Ironically enough, I guess it could be the "apple torture" since we were watching the process of making apple cider.

Conversations we've had....

L: Mommy, I still don't know what I am going to name all my kids. I am going to have 4 or 6 of them and I need names! 

Me: Honey you have plenty of time. You need to get through kindergarten at least before you worry about that! 

L: Oh yeah!

I hadn't realized that this was such an important thing for a kid to be worried about.

Me: Eat that grape!

L: No, it looks funny.  You eat it.
Me: No thank you, I am full.

L: Mommy, God says 'No food left behind'.  So eat that grape!

I don't remember that being in the bible anywhere.

T: L you are all hot and sweaty right now.

L: Yeah, 'cause I'm a hot potato!!

That is exactly why I would think she's hot and sweaty. 

L: A boy told me that he was my boyfriend today.

Me: Oh he did?  What makes him your boyfriend, because he's a boy and a friend.

L: Yeah (said with exhasperation)

Me: Well V is your friend, does that mean that he is your boyfriend also?

L: No! He is a boy who is a friend. R is my boyfriend.  Two waaay different things Mommy. Don't you get it?

How could I have misunderstood?

L: Mommy are you coming into my room?

Me: No, I'm just doing my hair and going nack downstairs.

L: Good cause I need to do my own business in the playroom!

Meaning she wanted to play by herself. Ha!

Monday, September 27, 2010


It's raining, it's pouring
And I want to be snoring!

It was a seriously long and fantastically awesome weekend for me! 

Saturday I spent the morning with T.  Our daughter was taken to a local parade with Grandma.  So we had a few hours to ourselves. The rest of the day (and night) was spent with my Mommy friends.  We went to a friends house and spent the night.  Our husbands were all great and watched our kids so we could have a night away.  We did absolutely nothing but talk and eat (and some hot-tubbing too).  It was soooo nice and unbelievably fun!! I didn't manage to get to sleep til three thirty the next morning. I ended up with only five hours sleep.  That doesn't sound too bad but, for someone who desperately needs sleep to actually survive on a daily basis, it wasn't enough.

I drove directly from my friends over to pick up my family.  We spent all day at a semi-local amusement park. L went on her first roller coaster.  Which she LOVED.  She's my little adrenaline junky! She rode so many rides that I lost count.  And I got so many photos of the fun she had.  My favorite part was watching her go on the kiddie bumper cars for the first time. She had no concept of how to do them and ended up going in circles over and over again. I laughed so hard my face hurt while watching her.

I came home dragging my body through the doorway.  I made myself go to bed early last night.  This morning I woke up to rain, which made me want to stay in bed all day. And I can honestly say that I cannot wait til I can go to sleep again. But this weekend was sooo worth it!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Side Effects

Ugh. I now have the priveledge of being on two additional medications. I am dealing with unpleasant side effects from the medications that my doc gave me for my sinus infection. So I am left contemplating whether the side effects are tolerable enough to finish the full prescribed time with the antibiotics. Hmmm....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everythings Spinning

The last two weeks have been great with my Sjogren's Syndrome. No aches or pains to worry about.  The weather has been fantastically mild.  Which means no heat to make me sick or zap my strength.  Also, no cold to cause me stiff painful joints. I have been enjoying this reprieve, however brief it may be. 

Unfortunately I have been dealing with my allergies and sinuses instead. As you may have read in one of my previous blogs found, here, fall brings horrible allergy problems for me.  For the last four years my allergies have morphed into other issues.  This year my body was thoughtful enough to give me a sinus infection.  As well as Thrush because of all the medicines I have been taking. (You can read more about it here.) The doctor put me on some great meds (insert sarcasm here). I have a humongous horse pill and a sweet tasting liquid medicine which changes into a fowl after-taste.

To top that all off I have been a busy busy lady. Taking L to preschool, errands, playgroups, going to the doctors and pharmacy, mentoring "our girls" and church.  I haven't felt like I have gotten much down time. So this morning I woke up with my body telling me the form of exhaustion and vertigo. It was saying, "Slow down and take it easy on your body, Lady, or I will make you slow down!!!" If the fact that the world is spinning doesn't make me slow down then I don't know what would. So I am left half sitting and half laying on the couch in order to prevent the world from going crazy again.

I did have plans for today.  L had mentioned that she wanted to go visit my Grandma.  We were going to go spoil her dog and terrorize her two cats. That didn't really happen did it?  There is no way that I could have driven like this. Not to mention that it's taking quite a bit of energy to do a lot of nothing!

The only positive out of this is that the vertigo is not horrendously bad.  I have had vertigo that had everything violently spinning and left me throwing up in a corner if I did so much as open my eyes.  So this, fortunately is not so bad.  As long as I don't move too much while sitting or walk at anything more then a crawl I seem to be OK.  I feel bad that we didn't get to follow through on our plans for today.  But at least I can lay still on the couch and write a blog post while my daughter does a wonderful job keeping herself occupied.  Which is a small miracle to me at the moment!

My game plan for the moment is to take a nice long nap. (While L plays in her room rather then sleeping as she should.) I am going to take up my spot on the couch this afternoon and do nothing all night.  I hope that works enough to help me get rid of my dizziness by tomorrow morning. After all we have preschool and a grocery trip planned.  Followed by a Moms Night Away, on Saturday, with my Mommy friends that I have had planned since this spring.  Along with a trip to Knoebel's amusement part on Sunday with my parents, that we've also had planned since spring.  I NEED to be better!  Here's hoping it happens!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hugs.  I sometimes take them for granted.  I get them all the time and think nothing of it.  I hug L every chance I get, much to her gradually rising dismay. I have even gotten used to receiving hugs from one of my dogs, in her own doggie way, and just accept it without thinking. Hugs are a natural way to show affection, every day, to those you care about, esteem, or even just half heartedly like. To me, it's such a basic thing and part of every day life for me.  I think it is for most people who live in a normal family dynamic.

Last year my husband's work gave us the opportunity to mentor, spend time with, encourage, and generally be some part of some students lives on a semi-regular basis. These girls live in a group home.  (I will not mention the name to protect identities.) We are pretty much encouraged to spend as much time with them as we feel comfortable doing.  T and I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for us as well as our daughter.  We have so much love to give and not knowing whether we will have another child, we saw this as a perfect way to give some of our love to others. We also thought this would be a great way to teach L, from an early age, that life is not just about her.

We briefly took a break over the summer and missed seeing the girls. The three of us have so much fun visiting and doing activities with the house that we were usually doing something with them two to three times a month. To not get that over the summer, while they were all at their own homes, was a little weird for us. We missed them all while they were away. Last night we had our first get together with them for the year.  We planned out some of the fun activities we'll be doing with them. We'll be hay riding, pumpkin carving, snow tubing, hockey game watching, craft and cookie making fools with these girls.  And I cannot wait!!

Despite all of the fun things we have planned, last night I was reminded of one of the things in life that is more important.... The need to feel loved and cared for. The girls, well I consider them "our girls", are in a home with twelve of them together. All "parented" by one couple.  I find that it's hard, at some seconds in time, to give L EVERY single little bit of attention that she needs.  I cannot imagine how hard it must be for this couple to do so with twelve girls and two of their own kids as well. So suffice it to say that these girls need all the love we can give them.

While visiting last night I noticed one of our girls moping around the house.  On a normal night this girl is an all out sassy firecracker, with a walnut shell exterior.  So I knew something was wrong. She was feeling cranky and sleepy from dealing with her miserable allergies. My "mom instinct" had me reaching out instantly to offer a hug. Usually this girlie stands still for a brief hug, never fully giving a 100% to her end of the hug, and is on the next thing in thirteen seconds flat. Last night she threw me off balance.  We stood in the middle of eleven other girls, who were all animatedly talking, and hugged for a full three minutes. She held on for dear life, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. To me, that ability to comfort and be there for her was amazing. When we were done I quietly whispered..."Good night special girl."  She walked away with her eyes glinting and a sniff goodbye.

This made me realize that to give a hug is something so simple.  Elementary, truly.  And a person never knows when their hug could make the world of a difference to someone.  Thinking back about this it makes me realize, again, how blessed I am...... Despite all the medical issues I may or may not have to deal with on a day to day basis I am blessed with so many people in my life who love me enough to hug me on a regular basis.  Hugs!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Middle of a Crisis....Want to Borrow a Four Year Old?

Barre during one of L's tea parties.

When I am with my daughter she can just take over everything. She has such a large personality with such a flare for dramatics that it's hard to not pay attention to her. So when I am in the middle of a crisis the easiest way for me to deal is to stop everything and just be.  Be with L and spend the day like a four year old. I step back and let everything flow over me.  All of life's little pleasures take me away for awhile.

Before I had my daughter I went through many crisis.  Most of them family health oriented.  I was always the person who shut down emotionally, dealt with everything that needed to be done, and then broke down afterwards. It worked for me. I am fairly certain, however, that I like my methods now soooo much more!

L and I have had tea parties (with boa adorned dogs), jumped in rain puddles, and ran through fields of flowers while in the middle of a crisis. We've taken nature walks, done amazing art, and baked lots of muffin and cookies together. My daughter has never had any idea that "something" is actually going on.  She just thinks Mommy is being super fun. 

When in the middle of a personal health crisis I try to do the same.  It's scaled back considerably depending on what is hurting that day or how low my energy level is.  But, hey, coloring with crayons in my girl's favorite princess coloring book can become so peaceful!

Of course there are always extra things I add to that recipe....Prayer, my husband, parents, and friends.  But nothing beats sitting down with my daughter's favorite princesses for a tea party.  Now, if you don't mind, pull up a chair and pass the iced cookies please!

 Chronic Babes newest blog topic for their Blog Carnival is.... "How do you handle a crisis?". 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Begining to Feel Like Fall

Picture this...You are walking down the street.  The weather is starting to change.  Fall is on the way.  The morning is beautifully crisp.  Filled with the smell of apples and the sound of early snapping leaves under foot. Most of the leaves haven't begun to change, it's too early for that.  Soon the trees will be filled with the glorious colors of fall.  Red and yellows will slowly start to take over the shades of green which will quickly become a riot of color.  

Then suddenly, out of no where, it strikes! Ah....Ah.....AH-CHOO!!! Sniffle, sniffle, sniffle...Where did that tissue go? Out of no where the morning has become insidious. Filled with millions of little pollen pieces riding the air to find their way into my sinuses.  I am quite sure they are giggling with glee at my misfortune. They tickle and tease my body into horrible responses. Fall allergies make me miserable!

I am hoping today is the worst of my allergy problems.  I am sure, however, that tomorrow will be worse.  These allergies are making me feel as if there is a little man in their trying to stuff my head with cotton.  It kind of makes me feel some sympathy for all the teddy bears out there!  Then the feeling in my head will take a turn that makes me feel like that man is trying to crack my head wiiiiiiide open. 

So, for now, I plan on going to sulk in bed...Hope L is feeling better tomorrow (she was under the weather due to allergies as well)...And go for a walk tomorrow to enjoy this perfect weather despite the fact that I know it's not a smart idea.  I am sure that staying in the house all day will not make me feel any better since I would have all the windows open anyway.  Nature is just beckoning to me with it's wonderful transition to fall!

Friday, September 10, 2010

 The best thing about my chronic illness are the days when I don't feel as if it's actually here. The days when I almost feel "normal" again. I am in the middle of one of those days.  I usually pay for it, the next day, by doing way too much while I am feeling invincible.  But I usually consider it worth it. Today I am doing a little happy dance!

What a great day it's been so far.  The morning was fantastic with the beautiful weather blowing it's breezes through our house. We cut apart magazines looking for letters to make a letter book for L.  (She's making one at school and is not satisfied to wait til hers is done in the spring.  She needs one now!) Drop off at school was wonderful.  She practically shoved me out the door with the order to "hang up her bag and leave".  I also managed to fit in a grocery trip and de-cluttering of the house while I was at it. And now I am sitting her typing this and feeling like I could keep going with how I feel.

And the best is yet to come.  I'll be picking up L and shortly after the Grandma and Pap-pap will be coming to watch her for the evening.  T told me he is taking us out to dinner and a movie.  What a nice surprise date!  Which is made even nicer by knowing that I am feeling pretty good today.

I am sorry to anyone who may be reading this blog who is down or not feeling so well in one of their bad chronic illness days. I'm not trying to rub in my delight at this day. I think that I am sharing more to give you hope that your "normal" day could be coming for you soon too!  And when it happens I'll do a little happy dance for you too!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crazy Day!

Wow....Crazy crazy day today! 

It was the dreaded first day of preschool. L was so antsy to go she was figuratively bouncing off the walls.  She was literally bouncing off the couch as well. It helped that we went in to her preschool's open house last night.  We explored the room and met her teachers.  They ingeniously kept all the toys away so the kids had to come the next day to play with them. It kept L waiting with bated breath to check out the toys today.

By the time we were on the way to her school my stomach was in knots. T surprised us by showing up as well.  It was a really nice surprise, though, I almost teared up when I saw him walking towards us. The teacher called us into the hallway and L's eyes lit up with excitement.  She was so concerned about getting the first pick of carpet squares that she barely wasted time on hugs and kisses before she was running into the room. I was fairly proud of myself, I managed to not get teary eyed until L was safely in the room and completely unaware of it. That was all I was hoping for.  Truly!  I knew L was going to be OK.  Me on the other hand, I wasn't so sure about. 

I cried and sniffled and snotted til I got to my allergists office for my allergy shots.  I managed to get myself under control until the nurses asked how L was.  Then I promptly fell into tears the middle of their office.  I was seriously embarrassed!  They fretted and fluttered around me until I was calm again. So nice of them! 

To congratulate myself, on my semi-good control of my emotions, I treated myself to an uber yummy Strawberry-creme Frappe at Starbuck's.  Mmmmm...I am most definitely getting another one of those in the future. I sat back in one of their comfy seats, sucked down my scrumptious drink, and did some photo editing.

When the time came I could NOT WAIT to pick L up at school!! I was waiting for her to regale me with the stories from her first day of preschool.  It so did not happen that way. She barely wanted to tell me anything and acted as if it was a big hassle for her to share what she did. I think she wants school to be just solely something for her. I can see that.  She has to share everything with Mommy and Daddy.  Of course at some point a kid is going to want to do something all on their own. Either way she can't wait to go back on Friday.
So I am left feeling emotionally drained for the day. As well as feeling pretty raunchy because of my allergy shots. My arms are killing me at the moment.  It's a typical response for my body after the shots. But not exactly one that I enjoy having, especially not after today's events. So I am off to pop some pain meds. and snuggle with my girlie. I love the snuggles when I can get them!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Backyard Campfire

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly stiff and hurting badly. It felt as if I had taken part in the Olympics while sleeping in bed last night. I was out of sorts and cranky with the world. Enter into this situation a four year old with an abundance of energy and a knack for finding the perfect thing to irk her Mommy when she's down for the count. Not the greatest morning on record!

For some time L has been begging us to have a campfire in our back yard.  While at the store today we found a fire pit on clearance.  Awesome! Boy is that a rush to find something that I want/need on clearance! We figured tonight was the night for our campfire. We gave our daughter a choice of who she would like to invite to our inaugural back yard campfire. And since everything else had lined itself up so perfectly, of course, our friends were free to join us!

I know that I am in a certain stage in my life and will not always be "here".  But for now, having a campfire with L and her friends was the perfect way for me to forget about my "troubles" and just enjoy life. The kids were fascinated while watching my husband chop the wood. Or, "Whack his stick", as one of them said.  I'll spare you from those innuendos! L enjoyed showing her friends how to toast a marshmallow.  And of course, there was lots of sticky yummy fun had by all during that adventure.  It was all followed up by L's rousing "fire dance", while she vigorously shook her hiney. The giggles during that entertainment were intoxicatingly addictive!  Apparently they were for my daughter as well since she did two encore performances while laughing at herself. 

Now I am sitting here truly relaxed and mellow.  But I realized that we ended up having so much fun that I completely forgot to take any pictures!  I guess that is a sign of a truly good time. And I know that even though there will be no lasting physical pictures that this will be a night that I long remember!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Beach Trip

We went to the beach as a family this week a final hoorah before preschool next week.  The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all.  It's almost easier for me to just post a "plog" (photography blog) about our week at the beach! Enjoy!

Beautiful sunsets every night!

Old dime crane games.  L loved them.  She won so many times.  Her favorite were the vampire teeth that she wore for the rest of the trip.

L's first time mini golfing.  She did pretty good.

She got through the whole course with out getting bored.  I was pretty impressed!

Dakota the hotel's resident bird.  L thought it was amazing that she said "Hello" to her every morning. She had to look for Dakota every time we were in the hotel lobby.

Just couldn't help this picture.  It's soo cute!

Last year she was scared to go in the waves.  This year she loved jumping the waves with the help of Daddy and Grandma.

She loved digging in the sand.  She frequently sang... "I'm digging a hole...with my shovel pole."...over  and over and o-v-e-r again!

We walked for miles on the boardwalk. (Yes, I hurt and crawled into bed at night just waiting for the Tylenol Pm to kick in!) Ate waay too much food (especially ice cream and polish water ice).  Gave in to a lot of things we would not normally do all in the name of vacations everywhere. And we adamantly swore that we were not going to come back with a hermit crab.  However, before we left for the beach Nana gave L money to spend at the beach. We told her that she could spend it on anything she wanted. Guess what she wanted?!? My daughter is now the proud owner of Rainbow the hermit crab. Thusly named because of her rainbow hued shell. She was just too adorable begging for it.  We are chalking it up to a bad parenting moment and moving on! We had such a great time that I can't wait to go back next year!