Friday, September 3, 2010

Beach Trip

We went to the beach as a family this week a final hoorah before preschool next week.  The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all.  It's almost easier for me to just post a "plog" (photography blog) about our week at the beach! Enjoy!

Beautiful sunsets every night!

Old dime crane games.  L loved them.  She won so many times.  Her favorite were the vampire teeth that she wore for the rest of the trip.

L's first time mini golfing.  She did pretty good.

She got through the whole course with out getting bored.  I was pretty impressed!

Dakota the hotel's resident bird.  L thought it was amazing that she said "Hello" to her every morning. She had to look for Dakota every time we were in the hotel lobby.

Just couldn't help this picture.  It's soo cute!

Last year she was scared to go in the waves.  This year she loved jumping the waves with the help of Daddy and Grandma.

She loved digging in the sand.  She frequently sang... "I'm digging a hole...with my shovel pole."...over  and over and o-v-e-r again!

We walked for miles on the boardwalk. (Yes, I hurt and crawled into bed at night just waiting for the Tylenol Pm to kick in!) Ate waay too much food (especially ice cream and polish water ice).  Gave in to a lot of things we would not normally do all in the name of vacations everywhere. And we adamantly swore that we were not going to come back with a hermit crab.  However, before we left for the beach Nana gave L money to spend at the beach. We told her that she could spend it on anything she wanted. Guess what she wanted?!? My daughter is now the proud owner of Rainbow the hermit crab. Thusly named because of her rainbow hued shell. She was just too adorable begging for it.  We are chalking it up to a bad parenting moment and moving on! We had such a great time that I can't wait to go back next year!

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