Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Begining to Feel Like Fall

Picture this...You are walking down the street.  The weather is starting to change.  Fall is on the way.  The morning is beautifully crisp.  Filled with the smell of apples and the sound of early snapping leaves under foot. Most of the leaves haven't begun to change, it's too early for that.  Soon the trees will be filled with the glorious colors of fall.  Red and yellows will slowly start to take over the shades of green which will quickly become a riot of color.  

Then suddenly, out of no where, it strikes! Ah....Ah.....AH-CHOO!!! Sniffle, sniffle, sniffle...Where did that tissue go? Out of no where the morning has become insidious. Filled with millions of little pollen pieces riding the air to find their way into my sinuses.  I am quite sure they are giggling with glee at my misfortune. They tickle and tease my body into horrible responses. Fall allergies make me miserable!

I am hoping today is the worst of my allergy problems.  I am sure, however, that tomorrow will be worse.  These allergies are making me feel as if there is a little man in their trying to stuff my head with cotton.  It kind of makes me feel some sympathy for all the teddy bears out there!  Then the feeling in my head will take a turn that makes me feel like that man is trying to crack my head wiiiiiiide open. 

So, for now, I plan on going to sulk in bed...Hope L is feeling better tomorrow (she was under the weather due to allergies as well)...And go for a walk tomorrow to enjoy this perfect weather despite the fact that I know it's not a smart idea.  I am sure that staying in the house all day will not make me feel any better since I would have all the windows open anyway.  Nature is just beckoning to me with it's wonderful transition to fall!

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