Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crazy Day!

Wow....Crazy crazy day today! 

It was the dreaded first day of preschool. L was so antsy to go she was figuratively bouncing off the walls.  She was literally bouncing off the couch as well. It helped that we went in to her preschool's open house last night.  We explored the room and met her teachers.  They ingeniously kept all the toys away so the kids had to come the next day to play with them. It kept L waiting with bated breath to check out the toys today.

By the time we were on the way to her school my stomach was in knots. T surprised us by showing up as well.  It was a really nice surprise, though, I almost teared up when I saw him walking towards us. The teacher called us into the hallway and L's eyes lit up with excitement.  She was so concerned about getting the first pick of carpet squares that she barely wasted time on hugs and kisses before she was running into the room. I was fairly proud of myself, I managed to not get teary eyed until L was safely in the room and completely unaware of it. That was all I was hoping for.  Truly!  I knew L was going to be OK.  Me on the other hand, I wasn't so sure about. 

I cried and sniffled and snotted til I got to my allergists office for my allergy shots.  I managed to get myself under control until the nurses asked how L was.  Then I promptly fell into tears the middle of their office.  I was seriously embarrassed!  They fretted and fluttered around me until I was calm again. So nice of them! 

To congratulate myself, on my semi-good control of my emotions, I treated myself to an uber yummy Strawberry-creme Frappe at Starbuck's.  Mmmmm...I am most definitely getting another one of those in the future. I sat back in one of their comfy seats, sucked down my scrumptious drink, and did some photo editing.

When the time came I could NOT WAIT to pick L up at school!! I was waiting for her to regale me with the stories from her first day of preschool.  It so did not happen that way. She barely wanted to tell me anything and acted as if it was a big hassle for her to share what she did. I think she wants school to be just solely something for her. I can see that.  She has to share everything with Mommy and Daddy.  Of course at some point a kid is going to want to do something all on their own. Either way she can't wait to go back on Friday.
So I am left feeling emotionally drained for the day. As well as feeling pretty raunchy because of my allergy shots. My arms are killing me at the moment.  It's a typical response for my body after the shots. But not exactly one that I enjoy having, especially not after today's events. So I am off to pop some pain meds. and snuggle with my girlie. I love the snuggles when I can get them!!

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