Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everythings Spinning

The last two weeks have been great with my Sjogren's Syndrome. No aches or pains to worry about.  The weather has been fantastically mild.  Which means no heat to make me sick or zap my strength.  Also, no cold to cause me stiff painful joints. I have been enjoying this reprieve, however brief it may be. 

Unfortunately I have been dealing with my allergies and sinuses instead. As you may have read in one of my previous blogs found, here, fall brings horrible allergy problems for me.  For the last four years my allergies have morphed into other issues.  This year my body was thoughtful enough to give me a sinus infection.  As well as Thrush because of all the medicines I have been taking. (You can read more about it here.) The doctor put me on some great meds (insert sarcasm here). I have a humongous horse pill and a sweet tasting liquid medicine which changes into a fowl after-taste.

To top that all off I have been a busy busy lady. Taking L to preschool, errands, playgroups, going to the doctors and pharmacy, mentoring "our girls" and church.  I haven't felt like I have gotten much down time. So this morning I woke up with my body telling me the form of exhaustion and vertigo. It was saying, "Slow down and take it easy on your body, Lady, or I will make you slow down!!!" If the fact that the world is spinning doesn't make me slow down then I don't know what would. So I am left half sitting and half laying on the couch in order to prevent the world from going crazy again.

I did have plans for today.  L had mentioned that she wanted to go visit my Grandma.  We were going to go spoil her dog and terrorize her two cats. That didn't really happen did it?  There is no way that I could have driven like this. Not to mention that it's taking quite a bit of energy to do a lot of nothing!

The only positive out of this is that the vertigo is not horrendously bad.  I have had vertigo that had everything violently spinning and left me throwing up in a corner if I did so much as open my eyes.  So this, fortunately is not so bad.  As long as I don't move too much while sitting or walk at anything more then a crawl I seem to be OK.  I feel bad that we didn't get to follow through on our plans for today.  But at least I can lay still on the couch and write a blog post while my daughter does a wonderful job keeping herself occupied.  Which is a small miracle to me at the moment!

My game plan for the moment is to take a nice long nap. (While L plays in her room rather then sleeping as she should.) I am going to take up my spot on the couch this afternoon and do nothing all night.  I hope that works enough to help me get rid of my dizziness by tomorrow morning. After all we have preschool and a grocery trip planned.  Followed by a Moms Night Away, on Saturday, with my Mommy friends that I have had planned since this spring.  Along with a trip to Knoebel's amusement part on Sunday with my parents, that we've also had planned since spring.  I NEED to be better!  Here's hoping it happens!

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