Sunday, September 5, 2010

Backyard Campfire

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly stiff and hurting badly. It felt as if I had taken part in the Olympics while sleeping in bed last night. I was out of sorts and cranky with the world. Enter into this situation a four year old with an abundance of energy and a knack for finding the perfect thing to irk her Mommy when she's down for the count. Not the greatest morning on record!

For some time L has been begging us to have a campfire in our back yard.  While at the store today we found a fire pit on clearance.  Awesome! Boy is that a rush to find something that I want/need on clearance! We figured tonight was the night for our campfire. We gave our daughter a choice of who she would like to invite to our inaugural back yard campfire. And since everything else had lined itself up so perfectly, of course, our friends were free to join us!

I know that I am in a certain stage in my life and will not always be "here".  But for now, having a campfire with L and her friends was the perfect way for me to forget about my "troubles" and just enjoy life. The kids were fascinated while watching my husband chop the wood. Or, "Whack his stick", as one of them said.  I'll spare you from those innuendos! L enjoyed showing her friends how to toast a marshmallow.  And of course, there was lots of sticky yummy fun had by all during that adventure.  It was all followed up by L's rousing "fire dance", while she vigorously shook her hiney. The giggles during that entertainment were intoxicatingly addictive!  Apparently they were for my daughter as well since she did two encore performances while laughing at herself. 

Now I am sitting here truly relaxed and mellow.  But I realized that we ended up having so much fun that I completely forgot to take any pictures!  I guess that is a sign of a truly good time. And I know that even though there will be no lasting physical pictures that this will be a night that I long remember!

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