Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Middle of a Crisis....Want to Borrow a Four Year Old?

Barre during one of L's tea parties.

When I am with my daughter she can just take over everything. She has such a large personality with such a flare for dramatics that it's hard to not pay attention to her. So when I am in the middle of a crisis the easiest way for me to deal is to stop everything and just be.  Be with L and spend the day like a four year old. I step back and let everything flow over me.  All of life's little pleasures take me away for awhile.

Before I had my daughter I went through many crisis.  Most of them family health oriented.  I was always the person who shut down emotionally, dealt with everything that needed to be done, and then broke down afterwards. It worked for me. I am fairly certain, however, that I like my methods now soooo much more!

L and I have had tea parties (with boa adorned dogs), jumped in rain puddles, and ran through fields of flowers while in the middle of a crisis. We've taken nature walks, done amazing art, and baked lots of muffin and cookies together. My daughter has never had any idea that "something" is actually going on.  She just thinks Mommy is being super fun. 

When in the middle of a personal health crisis I try to do the same.  It's scaled back considerably depending on what is hurting that day or how low my energy level is.  But, hey, coloring with crayons in my girl's favorite princess coloring book can become so peaceful!

Of course there are always extra things I add to that recipe....Prayer, my husband, parents, and friends.  But nothing beats sitting down with my daughter's favorite princesses for a tea party.  Now, if you don't mind, pull up a chair and pass the iced cookies please!

 Chronic Babes newest blog topic for their Blog Carnival is.... "How do you handle a crisis?". 


Gerri said...

I think this is SOOO cool! I know I would do the same thing with my grandkids - they are 8, 5 and 1 year old. I remember my last visit and sitting on the floor and playing with cars, fingerpainting - I forgot about my pain (until the next day of course LOL).

Thanks for this post!

Annie said...

Awwww, this is a beautiful post!

I love children, and my preferred method of coping is also to try and do as many extra fun things as physically possible!


Blogger Mama said...

Thank you both! :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing you days with your daughter. I'd love to come to the next tea party, but I don't have a feather boa to wear.
Being a 4 year old sounds like a good way to make it through a crisis period.
Good luck with your health issues. And, of course, I'll pass you that plate of iced cookies -- after I've taken one for myself!