Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Need of Some Funnies...

I was in need of a laugh this afternoon.  So I read through a shoe box.  Sounds funny, I know!  My daughter comes out with the craziest things that she says at times.  I always try to write it down on a post-it-note and store it in a shoe box.  It's exactly for days like today, so I can read over them and get a laugh!  So I thought I would share them.  Many of these have made the honor of being my Facebook Headlines. So for all my FB buddies some of these may be redundant.  Enjoy!

Comments L has made...

* "Mommy that is not very remarkable." ...Said after I very proudly showed her something that I had made. Who needs enemies???

* "Mommy, I love you, but I'm marrying Daddy!" ...Said with one hand on her hip and the other hand put up in a "stop" motion.

* "When I am grown up I will ALWAYS say yes!" ...I am sure you can imagine what prompted this comment!

* "You broke my life Daddy!" ...Daddy had just told her that she could not stay up any longer, that it was time for bed.  This apparently was a horrible thing to hear which ruined her life.

* "I will go look for raggel snakes. Here snake-y snake-y snake-y." ...She had just been warned that there could be rattle snakes in the woods and she should be careful. So naturally calling to the snakes would be an action of caution!

* "I have a friend you can't see.  Her name is Window.  You can't see her because she likes to camouflage herself.  And you can't see her unless you are camouflaging too!" ...Well. what do you really to say to someone after that?

* "I love you more then all the puppies drinking water in the city" ...She apparently really liked the fact that I gave her her favorite treat!  This is exactly what I would say to someone who gave me something great. *snorting noises*

* "This storm is so cool!  It looks like God writed on the sky!" ...It did look pretty cool.

* "Mommy, I'm so glad that you took me to the apple torture." ...She really meant apple orchard.  Ironically enough, I guess it could be the "apple torture" since we were watching the process of making apple cider.

Conversations we've had....

L: Mommy, I still don't know what I am going to name all my kids. I am going to have 4 or 6 of them and I need names! 

Me: Honey you have plenty of time. You need to get through kindergarten at least before you worry about that! 

L: Oh yeah!

I hadn't realized that this was such an important thing for a kid to be worried about.

Me: Eat that grape!

L: No, it looks funny.  You eat it.
Me: No thank you, I am full.

L: Mommy, God says 'No food left behind'.  So eat that grape!

I don't remember that being in the bible anywhere.

T: L you are all hot and sweaty right now.

L: Yeah, 'cause I'm a hot potato!!

That is exactly why I would think she's hot and sweaty. 

L: A boy told me that he was my boyfriend today.

Me: Oh he did?  What makes him your boyfriend, because he's a boy and a friend.

L: Yeah (said with exhasperation)

Me: Well V is your friend, does that mean that he is your boyfriend also?

L: No! He is a boy who is a friend. R is my boyfriend.  Two waaay different things Mommy. Don't you get it?

How could I have misunderstood?

L: Mommy are you coming into my room?

Me: No, I'm just doing my hair and going nack downstairs.

L: Good cause I need to do my own business in the playroom!

Meaning she wanted to play by herself. Ha!


Corrina L. Hunter said...

My dear blogger;

I have deeply enjoyed reading your marvelous blog posts. Children are the fuel that powers my life and your little delight has warmed my heart. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful minds. I will be checking back for future posts. xxx

Blogger Mama said...

Thank you so much Corrina for your delightful comment. :o)

I am glad that someone else enjoys reading them as much as I enjoy what my girly says "in the moment". There's never a dull moment with her. She's such a shining star. :o)