Friday, October 8, 2010

The Alwa

The Alwa: The Alwa is a much revered treasure that hails from a baby shower long ago. (Four and a half years ago to be exact.) It's powers are great.  It's ability to soothe an upset child cannot be countered by any other physical thing known to man. Apparently it is also on the brink of becoming extinct.  (It took us three long years of searching high and low for a companion Alwa before we actually found one. To amuse myself I've added pictures of Alwa and my daughter through out this post.)

My daughter has never been a thumb sucker. I can not say that I am upset about that fact.  You can't take away a thumb once you think a child's too big for one.  She was never able to use a pacifier either.  She would suck so vigorously that she would spit it out shortly after it was put in.  And that is how the Alwa came about.  I had received this lime green and pink alligator blanket as a baby shower gift from my aunt. Little did I know that it would start a crazy love spiral in my coming baby! So, since L never took to her thumb or pacifier we felt we should give her something else to help soothe her when she was about one.  ( I think she was having a restless sleeping phase.) Enter, Alwa, scene one.  We started this obsession of our daughter's by just placing the little fuzzy blanket in her crib.  She loved it surprisingly fast with a possessive streak a mile wide. She loves to put her up to her nose, similar to wearing an air mask, and hold her. She still does!

About the time L started to talk she came up with a name for her blanket.  Alwa.  She couldn't say alligator and so that was how she said it.  It is still known as Alwa to this day despite the fact that my daughter, thankfully, can now say the word alligator.

After quite a few return trips to places we had already been, we decided enough was enough.  We were tired of relatives asking, "Why are you back here?" .  And we were tired of store clerks looking at us like we had two heads while we furiously went down every isle to make sure we found the blanket. So we started to search for another Alwa.  Much to our dismay it took us at least a year to find the next one.

That worked great for awhile. Eventually L got old enough to tell the difference between the two Alwas, despite the fact that they were obviously twin blankets, made by the same alligator-blanket mommy!! So we had to start referring to her one blanket as "Stand-in Alwa" to tell them apart.  This was for our sanity since L could obviously tell the difference just fine. The last time that we needed to switch to Stand-In Alwa, L noticed at first sniff.  Apparently she could smell the difference since her usual Alwa smells like fabric softener and Stand-In Alwa did not. After that I got smart.  Whenever I put Stand-In Alwa back into storage I wrapped a fabric softener sheet around it's head.  That wouldn't be a problem for us again!!!

And that takes us to this mornings debacle! L was at her Grandparent's house yesterday and never realized that she left Alwa there when she came home.  We didn't realize this til bedtime.  If we had confessed this she would have been up til ten o'clock crying and waiting for her Grandma to return with Alwa.  The proverbial light bulb went off and I went running.  I came stumbling back down the stairs with Stand-In Alwa and said, "I found Alwa!!".  I handed her over and waited for L to put Alwa up to her nose. I held my breath with all of my senses focused on whether or not the sniff test would pass. I saw the smile break out onto L's face and knew it had worked.  I went into the bathroom and did a little "yay me" dance.

She snuggled Stand-In Alwa all night being none the wiser.  It wasn't until this morning that she was disabused of this notion.  Daddy called and mentioned that he had Alwa at work with him. Silly me, because I clearly hadn't realized that L and Alwa were in a committed monogamous relationship!!!  A crazy frantic look came into L's eyes as her understanding of the situation became apparent. As if she suddenly realized that she was going to have to explain to Alwa that she had accidentally cheated on her.  She violently threw away Stand-In Alwa like she had suddenly found out that it was infected with Ebola. L burst into tears and immediately asked when she was getting Alwa back. I guess I underestimated just how much Stand-In Alwa does not get the job done!

Tonight, upon getting Alwa back, she was in raptures!! It was if they had been reunited after long a twenty year seperation. She softly whispered..."I love you so, Alwa!"


Anonymous said...

OH my! This is the greatest story ever. She is too sweet. I can't believe how much she cares that this was not the same one. We have 5 "kitties" because G stole all the stand in ones to have them all at once.


Blogger Mama said...

Ha ha! She tried that at one point, til I put the kabosh on her plan.