Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How could you deny this face anything?

Look at the ears pointed in adoration.  The eyes pleading with me to let her out.  She's promising to be good.  No barking, no howling, no chasing the squirrels.  OK, maybe just chasing one squirrel, but it had it coming!  She'll be a perfect doggy all she wants is a little fresh air. No problems honest.  To be outside for just five minutes.  OK, OK she'd settle for two minutes....a minute....thirty seconds?  Just five seconds of freedom outside!  Just a chance to poke her nose out the corner of the screen door and sniff....PLEASE!!

Her sweet little face promises the behavior of an angel. So, of course I let her out after giving her a little pep talk.  

"Barre, no chasing the squirrels this time.  You ran snout first into the fence last time.  Leave the neighbor's cat, Mr. Wiskers, alone.  You know he secretly runs an underground cat mafia.  He is sooo gonna make you sleep with the fishes some day! OK, yes, I know the neighbor is outside smoking....... again ......but you really REALLY don't need to bark at him.  Honest. You'll be OK if you don't bark.  (She tilts her head) No barking. (She tilts her head the other way. So I obviously need to speak to her like she's my ninety year old hearing impaired Aunt.) NO BARK!  OK, we're good.  You can DO this!!!"

 I thought, "She'll be great"!  I've just barely turned my back to make dinner and ......WOOF!  I guess I need a better pep talk next time!!!

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