Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr. Sun

This morning I groggily woke up to another morning of chilly rainy weather. It was incredibly hard to get out of my bed. The combination of the weather and body pain was just NOT good. Not to mention that I am seriously missing my friend Mr. Sun.  Don't get me wrong, I am not missing those 90 degree days we had for so long this summer.  I am just missing seeing him smiling up at me from the sky.  I'd take a nice mild 70 degrees smile, thanks!  This peek-a-boo games he's been playing with us is just not fair.  I don't appreciate how coy he has been the last few days. He thinks he's so cool! And I don't mind stomping my feet, in a fair imitation of my daughter during one of her semi-rare fits of rage, while I complain about it either! I need the sun back!

Eventually, I managed to drag my body out of bed.  It complained with the usual cracking noises as I slowly fought gravity. My body was not happy that I was making it go through our usual morning routine. But it was all made worth it, since I was surprised with a mini snuggling session with L, when she lured me into her bedroom.  Instantly I was filled with the wonderful feelings of love.  You know, the kind of warm fuzzy feel-good experience that reminds you of a nice pair of cuddly socks.  Or your favorite well worn sweatshirt that's just fits you in all the right places.

I drug my body through the rest of the days usual activities. Random morning things to keep L busy, lunch, and preschool.  And about the time I was getting stuff done, it was time to go back to preschool.  When we got back home we decided to decorate for Halloween.  Halloween is easily one of L's and my favorite holidays so we had a blast decorating. We spent an hour making "Halloween wreathes" out of orange buttons and black pipe cleaner.  It was something that required very little energy and allowed us to spend quite a bit of time being creative.  (To the left are pictures of them.  I think it's pretty obvious who's is who's.) Needless to say we had a great time!

But, I wouldn't be totally honest with you, however, unless I admitted.... I CANNOT wait til bedtime!!!

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