Monday, October 11, 2010

Skeleton's Bones

This morning we were supposed to head to the park with friends to play.  But as plans often do, it went by the wayside, since L woke up not feeling well as did many of her friends.  She was a little sniffler, sneezer, and cougher.  Throw in a little bit of whining and I had the recipe for a perfectly rough morning! Fortunately, I had just the thing to keep L from going over to the dark side. We baked all morning long. I am sure that my body will not be thanking me tonight for standing all morning.  But I consider it sooo worth it with all the fun we had!

A while back I had bought an Aunt Annie's Pretzel pre-made box.  Our church's youth group was selling them to raise money for their missions trip they had planned. For those who don't have an Aunt Annie's Pretzel in their little corner of the world, their pretzels are amazing.  If I worked at one of their little kiosks I would gain a million pounds eating their delicious soft pretzels! Ok, so that's obviously an exaggeration but I would seriously gain a lot!

So while L was watching the last bit of Sesame Street, I got the dough ready to rise.  Once I had corralled her into the kitchen we started making sugar cookies. Nana had bought L a package of sugar cookie dough that looked and felt like playdough.  We had fun sculpting the dough into shapes before cooking them.  L called them Halloween decorations.  So we decided that we would really need to decorate our tummies with them later!

Next we worked on the pretzels.  I am sure that it probably took twice as long to make them considering that I had a four year old "helping" me.  We both had quite a bit of fun despite the mess.  I think my daughter's favorite part was helping to cut off pieces of the dough with our pizza cutter. She also really liked rolling the dough out to make pretzel sticks. I mentioned that they looked like bones while sitting on their trays waiting to go into the oven.  So naturally they became skeleton's bones to eat!

After that it turned into a game of trying to call everything by Halloween names.  I think I had as much fun coming up with creative names as L did. For lunch she had worms (mac & cheese), a poisoned apple, and little kids fingers (veggie straws).  She couldn't wait to eat lunch!  And I can't wait to eat the pretzels, oh I mean skeletons bones!!!

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