Friday, October 29, 2010


This week I have been playing a serious game of Spoons! If you aren't familiar with this fantastically fun game let me enlighten you.  You basically sit in a circle with spoons in the middle of all of the players.  There is always one less spoon then players. Everyone passes cards until they collect four of the same card. The first one to collect four of the same card grabs a spoon.  All the other players subsequently grabs for the remaining spoons. This usually results in mayhem and hilarity for all playing or watching. In my family this can be a physically dangerous game to play.  But that's a blog for another day! Ultimately, the person left without a spoon is the looser of that round.

I know by this point some of you are left wondering why I am babbling on about the game Spoons. Be patient, I'll get there... I have also mentioned The Spoon Theory on my blog before.  If you have not read it or don't remember you can check it out here on The short version of this theory is to imagine that you need to have a spoonful of energy for everything that you do during your day. People who have auto immune diseases need to count every spoon they have for their day. Or they just may run out of spoons (energy) before they've even begun.

This theory and the game Spoons has really come into play this past week with me. I was sitting at the table feeling as if I am the looser at the game. I was watching everyone else around me holding their spoons and smiling! I have had a zillion and one things to do this past week.  Most of them revolved around something that I felt I needed to do for my daughter.  Jumping in leaves, making party treats, volunteering at L's preschool party, hayrides, walking in a Halloween parade with L's float, along with photo editing (for family and "business") were just some of the things I ended up doing. It was all supposed to be fun and I was going to have fun doing it, darnet! Crazy busy! And, yes, I was told by quite a few that I was crazy and pushing myself waaay too far! I was too busy trading in spoons and borrowing from future stores of energy to stop and think about it.

Few things bring out my competitive streak. The game of Spoons just happens to be one of those things. Ordinarily, when I am left sitting without a spoon, I glare furiously at everyone who has one in their hands. I want to stomp my feet and wonder why I couldn't have ended up with one of the spoons.  It leaves me ready for another round sure that I'll gain a spoon the very next time. At times in real life when I end up with out any spoons I feel like sitting and sulking.  I sometimes get down about it and think of myself as a horrible Mommy. But this week I had my competitive Spoons pants on.  I lost quite a few rounds of Spoons. I was sitting with out a spoon.  But, man did I ever rally! I waited for the next round and went back in playing to win!! I feel like a champion Spoons player. If I can survive a week like I've had and rally so many times there's no reason that I should ever let myself be convinced that I will be "down for the count"!

It's funny how such a positive thought can come out of such chaos. Even if it was fun chaos!


Anonymous said...

Great post! Found you through chronicbabe's blog carnival. I'll be back to read more.

Blogger Mama said...

Thanks Mo! :o)

Anonymous said...

I had a very similiar experience this weekend. I used up 3 weeks of spoons to hide my illness. Sometimes the competitive edge in me makes me do it. I want to be the pre-pain me - even if I have to pay for it for a while.
Good post!