Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Stink Bugs

When L was eleven months old she learned to climb.  I left her by herself, in the perfectly baby-proofed living room, to take a cup to the kitchen.  When I came back she was sitting on top of our tall entertainment center.  She was kicking her legs, clapping for herself, and wearing the biggest I'm-so-proud-of-myself smile. I was scared but pushed the fear aside assuming that it was just a one time thing.  In the next week L had learned to climb out of her crib, necessitating a move into a toddler bed. And in the same week she taught herself how to climb onto the top of our computer desk as well.

Making her way to the top of the highest jungle gym equipment is nothing to L now. Sliding down the biggest slide available is like second nature.  Climbing back up the tallest slide and nearly giving Mommy a heart attack is even better!

She races to the mini roller coaster lines.  She can NOT wait til she can ride a "real roller coaster"! Lists have been made as to which roller coasters she will ride with who.  So why, when my little girlie is such a little dare devil and limits-pusher, does she become panic stricken at the sight of a little stink bug? 

For those who have not encountered stink bugs before...They are most common in the southern areas of the country.  In recent years that have been found much more frequently in the northern states of the US as well.  Pa's orchards are encountering problems because of these invasive little bugs.  They are brown and look rather prehistoric.  They get the name "stink bug" because of the smell they expel if they feel threatened.  It is rather noxious and takes quite a few hand washings before a person can get rid of it. In a house, however, the worst part about them is how annoying they are.  They find places to hide in little nooks and crannies.  Once you find a spot that they favor you can easily find fifty of them hiding in the same place. You can read more on them here.

Unfortunately for us, the favorite place in the house for these bugs to hide happens to be my daughters room. These bugs have the ability to take my brave little girl and turn her into a melting puddle of quivering tears. If she even sees one climbing the ceiling of her room in the corner that's most opposite to her she screams. She has been waking up frequently with these "terrifying" bugs climbing near her.  Recently she woke with one climbing on her pillow right in from of her nose.  We also woke because of the scream of terror she let out....In the middle of the night!  We were also woken once in the last week because she found several above her head in the middle of the night. I swear I've heard little buggy chuckles of glee coming from her room when they see her getting ready for bed.  I'm onto their games now!!

Fortunately, I think that we have found a new type of weaponry for our country.  If a person simply sticks a stink bug in front of my daughter she will let out a scream guaranteed to shut down a person's ability to think.  It may even have the possibility to break glass.  And, I still have some experimenting to go to have a definitive answer on this, but I am pretty sure that the screams would send someone running the other direction. This is similar but much more effective then her "Apache Ice Cream Scream".

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to attempt to de-bug her room for the third time this week already! Or maybe I will just chase L around with one to complete my experimenting.  *cough cough* Not because I'm bored or anything....

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Jenny Pettit said...

We have them bad too. They're just about the only bug I'm NOT afraid of, though...because they are just so "stinking" stupid! They fall off something and try to climb it again, or continually fly (loudly) into a scalding light fixture until they knock themselves out...then do it again! Or, my favorite, see my husband coming with a papertowel and all but wave hello while waiting to be picked off.

While I'm in favor of actually getting rid of the jerks, would it maybe help L to start making fun of the Stinking Stupid Bugs? Obviously making fun of a person when you're scared is a bad thing...but this bug deserves it!

Blogger Mama said...

They are rather stupid aren't they? lol