Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am not a competitive person but apparently my daughter is going to be for sure! She comes by it honestly, however.

I find myself rarely feeling competitive.  My streak comes out when  play Spoons, as I wrote about in my last post.  My family plays a mean game!   They is competitive by nature, so naturally, I feel the need to be when I play the game with them. My Aunt is classic for standing up to play Spoons with us.  She watches everyone out of the corner of her eye.  The look on her face says that she is determined to get one of those spoons if it's the last thing she does!!! My cousin is the squawker in the family! A squawk can be heard coming from her position at the table for many different reasons during a game.  The cards are being passed too fast, she lost a card, she thinks someone else is diving for a spoon, or she's missed out on a spoon all together, could be some of the causes.  My Mom tends to be the family member who plays dirty.  Oh, she follows the rules.  But once it's time to grab for a spoon, watch out, all bets are off! She has, literally, wrestled my Aunt to the floor over a spoon before! There have been spoons bent over this game, gouges in skin, and brush burn as someone has fallen or been knocked to the floor. 

Another game, that I have learned not to play with my family, is musical chairs.  It sounds like a fairly tame game to play with family members.  This is simply not the case with my family.  The music starts and a manic look suddenly creeps across my uncle's faces and it's game on!  It turns into contact musical chairs the second my Grandma turned on the music.  I think after awhile she kept the music going longer and longer because she was afraid of what would happen when she would turn it off.  Out of the twelve chairs used, at least five of them had some kind of damage inflicted upon them. Broken chairs littered the basement floor. My last play of the game, and biggest folly, was diving for a chair that my Uncle (a forty year old I might add) was going for as well. I dove for the chair and somehow found myself crashing into a coffee table a foot away! Needless to say the table went flying out from under me and broke another chair. Once I was over the shock of being thrown into a table, I sat up with my ears ringing and realized that if it wasn't already then my body was very shortly going to be covered in bruises! It turned out that I was covered in a nasty mottled bruise from my knee all the way up to my hip. I learned my lesson there!

And if all that isn't enough I have also learned to be very wary of my competitive uncles and cousins when my Grandma comes up with new and "interesting" games for us to play! In case you were wondering, never.... EVER.... play an egg game with your family if your Grandma cannot boil eggs properly enough to make then hard boiled! It turns ugly very quickly! Putting a bunch of competitive grown men, and their crowd of children, in a room with slightly under cooked hard boiled eggs and tell them to be the last one standing with an un-cracked egg is never a good idea! We all ended up with partially cooked egg all over us that day. 

Then we have my husband's side of the family. He has been in four square games with his cousins that have ended in blood being spilled and little kids running away sobbing in tears. The first time I ever met his family I was forced into playing a game of volleyball with them.  To say that I am uncoordinated would be a seriously gross understatement!  I am sooo not good at volleyball (sports).  I tried to warn them all! By the time was done I had had an elbow to the face, been ridiculed, and made fun of because I am such a lousy player!

Knowing all this is it any wonder that our daughter has ended up with a competitive streak a mile wide? The other night she convinced Opa (my dad) to play golf with her on our Wii system. Opa was game but apparently hadn't read the "Grandparent's Guidelines to Playing Games with Their Grandchildren" book.  Rule number one clearly states that he was supposed to loose the game.  It didn't turn out that way.  L lost by one point.  She dumped the controller on the ground, and proceeded to jump up and down while having a major fit.  She was SO mad that she did not win!  Apparently everything revolves around her winning right now.

Needless to say, we need to work on her good sportsmanship skills before it gets really bad!

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