Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have had the fortune of spending two amazing Saturday evenings, with my daughter, doing things we have never done together before. I feel so lucky at the moment!

Last Saturday we went to Bass Pro, an outdoor sporting goods store in our area.  We heard Santa was coming to two and L just HAD to go see. We arrived to find a crowd of people singing carols.  Jolly people wearing bouncy Santa hats were passing out aromatic cups or hot chocolate and yummy sprinkled sugar cookies. There was, of course, one of our local new anchor "celebrities" leading the singing while we all waited.  We made a merry group singing our songs. There were more people anxiously waiting the arrival of Santa than we thought.  L had difficulty seeing so T plopped her on top of his shoulders.  She had the best seat in the house.  Though, T could have done with out the cookie crumbs sprinkled down the back of his shirt. We began singing "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and around the corner came Santa.  He was very happy to be arriving at the store, on a boat pulled by a truck. Because what else would Santa arrive in to a sporting goods store? Ha! L was beyond excited.  She was so thrilled that she stopped singing to stare at Santa.  Her eyes twinkled and her mouth fell open in her excitement. I managed to capture the look, above, with my camera phone. I was so moved by the moment, that I teared up.  I was sure at that very moment, that we had just made a memory that would last a lifetime.

Once Santa got our group whipped into a frenzy of Christmas spirit we all walked him into the store.  He walked right past L on his way in and made sure to wave a special "hello" at her. We helped Santa count down to turn on the lights in the Christmas village they set up for his arrival.  Eventually we got in line to talk with Santa and get a picture of him with L. We won some gift cards while waiting and  L was allowed to pick out something in the store to spend them on.  She picked out a build-a-bear reindeer she named Rose. The whole evening was so magical!

Tonight was almost as good!  We went out to celebrate my husband's birthday a week early.  We decided to go to a hibachi restaurant.  L had never been to a hibachi place before.  She felt like a big girl to be allowed to go to a "fancy" place to eat with us, she said.  She was so excited to see the show that she wriggled in her seat like a puppy. The man, who was to be our chef, was fantastic.  He played it up for L, as if she was the only one watching him perform. She sat in awe while she watched him cook our dinner. I almost had more fun watching her reactions than I did watching our chef. She was constantly asking questions and the man very patiently answered every one of them for her. He even managed to get her to eat peas and broccoli by telling her that they were special Japanese ones and so they must taste better.  Boy, did she ever buy it! They were all but gone by the end of the meal. L was such a good girl tonight and she had such a great time. Her smiles were contagious!

It's so wondrous to just forget about everything for awhile and immerse yourself in a little kid's first experiences!

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