Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Change

This is my face normally...

This is my face with not nearly enough sleep! It looks like someone punched me in the one eye.  And this picture doesn't do the coloring around my eyes any justice.  They looked severely bruised.

 Of course this is how I feel I look!

I have to say this time change thing has been a killer for us this year.  Last year it didn't really effect L, which lured me into a false sense of security.  This year she has been getting up way too early and screaming for us to say it's time for her to get up.  Yesterday she was up at 6:20 yelling, "I don't like this time change thing!".  And to top it all off she is refusing to take naps as well.  So not only have I not been getting enough sleep, she has been absolutely miserable and whiny throughout the day as well.  I have to say I am not liking it either. Come to think of it I am messed up with the time change as well this year.  I am tired an hour too early and then waking up when she gets up.  I hadn't realized that L's sleeping habit had trained mine!

Have I mentioned that I love my in-laws???  I know that was a completely random statement to make. They decided to take L so she could sleep over last night, since they hadn't done so in awhile.  So I managed to get a full night's sleep and sleep in to my heart's content.  I woke feeling fantastic.

Hopefully I won't look like I am turning into the Incredible Hulk's girlfriend now!!!

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