Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pop Quiz Time

Recently a fellow blogger, in conjunction with a few students at Villanova University, created a photo display of chronic illness at it's worst to create awareness. To read and see more about this project of Jenny's, at UII, look here.

In the past week I went back and re-read her posts, about the project, and it got me thinking about the people in the photos. The purpose of the photos was to show people what it can look like when a person is suffering from a chronic illness. Most of the photos were of things that were fairly visible. That led me to think about the people who suffer from "silent" things.  The things that aren't easily seen. I have written before about the significance of not making snap judgements about a person if you go by the way they look or the way the act. A person in a motorized grocery cart or a perfectly healthy looking person in a handicapped spot can look bad, but it can also mean that they are suffering "silently". I have been on the wrong end of assumptions about my health before.  It's not a fun place to be.

So in my own humble way, in the name of awareness, I bring you this Pop Quiz.

Instructions.... Please list, by their letters, in the comments section which people you think have a chronic illness. In about a week I will post the answers.  I cannot wait to see how this plays itself out. I can't wait to see your reactions and promote some awareness at the same time!













Anonymous said...

B. C. G. J. K.

The Feeding Edge said...

Wow - as someone living with an invisible illness I think the idea of this quiz will drive home a very important point. But I'm chicken to say I think someone looks sick who might not be so my answer is that they all have an invisible illness. Hope that isn't a cope out.

AmyK said...

I am going to guess that each of them could be living with a chronic illness, as someone who took part in Jenny's project and lives with chronic illness myself, I know that any of us can be suffering silently without outward signs. Most people would never look at me and see illness of any kind although I live with fibromyalgia.
Thanks for raising awareness and working to help others to understand that appearances don't tell the whole story!

Anonymous said...


Have A Beautiful Day

annie said...

I suspect they all have some chronic illness, but I definitely recognize Julia (F) and Jenny (H) as fellow sjoggies.

Anonymous said...

I bet all of them have an invisible chronic illness. Look at those brave smiles!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think they all have something, but, hey ! Those illness are not called "invisible" for nothing !

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I know that anyone that looks at me would think nothing is wrong.
But the Sjogrens keeps my eyes and mouth totally dry and colon problems causes me to stay somewhat isolated. I would say most of them or all of them have something - like this One Woman who appears totally healthy...

Blogger Mama said...

I am guessing that the majority, who think all the photos subjects may have a chronic/invisible illness, also suffer from an invisible illness themselves? :o)