Friday, July 29, 2011

We went to visit some family in Virginia this past weekend.  My niece was getting baptized. While there we decided to stay over night. Since we were dragging our daughter along for the ride we figured that we would make a mini vacation out of our trip. L's only requirement for the trip was a hotel with a pool and hot tub.  And, of course, we only had a few dozen in the local area to choose from.

As soon as we got into the room we rushed to change into our suits for the pool.  We spent a good forty minutes running back and forth between the pool and the hot tub. L had a blast hanging all over her Daddy and I while in the water.

Once we got back to the room and dried L off she instantly started exploring the hotel room. She loved that the room was large enough for her to run around in.  Literally, run around in! Every door and drawer was pulled out and inspected.  She even ran her fingers around the inside of our fridge.  The shampoos and conditioners were sniffed.  Not even the shower curtain was safe from her inspections. For such a nosy little girl this was heaven to her.  A room full of things to explore and check out!

The rest of the weekend was spent with family. Mine and my husband's.  A great time for sure! Sunday night we were all ready for our beds!!  Monday and Tuesday were spent trying to recoup our energy.

Wednesday afternoon we went swimming with more family. Watching the kids jumping, and splashing in the pool was fantastic. We ate pizza by the pool with giggles surrounding us. We finished up the night eating italian ice outside on a park bench.  It was a quintessential summer evening, complete with the dance of the lightning bugs.

Yesterday, we spent celebrating my birthday. According to L, I am fifty one years old.  I really turned thirty one.  So she's off by twenty years or so, not a big deal! My best friends came over to have dinner with us.  It was a wonderful ending to my day. Being around my best friends insures that I laugh so hard my belly hurts, the husbands all give us at least one funny look while we the four of us are conversing, and I feel all warm and fuzzy.

And now I am packing, again, for a trip to the beach.  I won't go into details about when or how long because I'm paranoid like that.  But I am sure I will come back with so SO many amazing pictures and more then a few stories to share!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The hot unrelenting ball of fire in the sky is beating down on me. There's not a drop of water to be found anywhere in my reach. All I can see for miles is the dry, cracked, surface of the desert. The heat waves bouncing off the sand are playing tricks with my mind. A mirage forms, in which I see a beautiful oasis beckoning me to come and enjoy, before it quickly dissolves into nothingness. I can hear the buzzards in the distance watching me slowly waste away....

So, maybe that was a gross dramatic exaggeration on my part, but it's how I feel this week if I step out of my air conditioned house. According to the weather man this, statistically, this tend to me the hottest week of the whole summer in south central PA. And boy is it living up to it's reputation! So far we haven't gone below ninety degrees.  And it seems that we're in for worse. Ninety nine degree weather for the rest of the week, with a side of hazy and humid to go along with it!

The heat is no friend to a Sjogren's sufferer. If I am out in the heat for too long I tend to feel disoriented, achy, nauseous, and develop a hum-dinger of a headache.  And, it seems, that the hotter it is the quicker I end up getting to that point. No amount of sunscreen prevents this from happening to me. Shad helps a little but not enough. I really feel like I need to come up with a proper name for this condition. Not an official name, of course, but something for me to call it. I will have to get thinking about that!

Combined with this feeling I am dealing with I am also having side effects from my Methotrexate.  Which also coincidentally requires me to stay out of the heat and sun as much as possible. Anyway, I have not taken my Metho. in two weeks so that I could help myself get over the upper resp. infection and asthmatic bronchitis that I had the fortune of getting.  It was really very nice being off of it for a break.  However, I am dealing with stronger side effects of it now after having taken it again on Sunday night. So not only am I dealing with the heat funk I am in. (Good name for it? Nah, I can think of better!) I am also dealing with my side effects from my Metho as well. Wonderful combination! I wish there was one pill I could take to get rid of my heat nausea-Metho headache-Gerd back pain-no energy issues.

This silver lining is that today is Wednesday.  Which, in the summer, typically means that L is at her Grandparents for "no rules" "fun" day. So that allows me to take care of myself in the hopes that I will feeling better for tomorrow!  "Tomorrow...tomorrow..."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Weekend

This summer is going so so fast! I know I had mentioned posting another blog about my L's birthday but it just didn't happen.  We were just settling down from L's big birthday bash (opening all the gifts, throwing out wrapping, organizing, etc.) and before I knew it it was time to pack for camping.

We spent Thursday through Sunday enjoying our last camping trip of the summer. It was amazing!  The weather was perfect!!  When I say perfect I mean that it was, an uncommon for July, 80 degrees with a perfectly blue sky. We spent time with an aunt and uncle, cousins, and friends. The trip was wonderfully relaxing, which I so SO needed.

Some of the highlights were....

* Laying at the lake under a full sky of stars and seeing a shooting star. There were four adults and my L all packed on to two blankets.  There was lots of silliness and whispering. It was beautiful to see all the stars.

* Making a Twister "board:" with chalk on the road and teaching my daughter how to play.  She loved it and insisted everyone randomly play with her for the rest of the weekend. She conned me, my husband, my father, and two of our friends into playing at different times.  It was rough to play, myself.  My body, with it's various aches, pains, and twinges, just does not have the ability to tie itself in a knot anymore.  I should get points for trying at least right? I have to admit that it was even more fun watching everyone else play with L.  She giggled the whole time!

* Spending the afternoon at the lake with friends. (They've been coming up for the last three years and it has become something of a tradition to go to the lake while they visit.) We went on a snail hunt and found quite a few. Thanks to "Mommy the snail hunter"! The water was pleasantly cool and wonderful to sit in while we watched L and her friend haphazardly cover themselves in sand. And I really do think that the adults had more fun with the water guns then the kids did. OK, I'm in denial.  I know the adults had more fun with them!

* L built her own "fire" to play around since we don't like her to get too close to the real one.  She sprinkled fairy dust over the area in the hopes that she would invite some fairies to her fire.

* Smores with the kids turned into smores on the kids... and the adults.... while attempting to lean the kids off.

It was an amazing weekend! Now it's time for me to recoup from it all!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today L turns 5!!  I cannot believe that I am, officially, the mom of a five year old. (She's had the five year old attitude for months now!)

I have so many things planned for today. Possibly wading in the creek with friends. It was a definite plan last night.  But then it stormed and now there's a possibility of mud. Then again she would be in the water to wash off the any mud that might "happen" anyway. Guess I have to take a "wait and see" approach with that plan.

I've also got a mani/pedi time planned for L.  She loves loves loves painted nails and we don't get to do that too often.  I think I am also going to be taking her to the movies.  And we'll top off the day with dinner out at Red Robin.  She CANNOT wait for this.  She specifically chose this restaurant because they sing to people on their birthdays.  She is so excited to have the whole place clapping for her while they sing. She's really very shy, that girl. Ha!!

Tomorrow we have a party planned for her best buddies.  It was harder to plan this year since we had to add preschool friends to the list as well as her playdate friends. We're all going to a local gymnastics studio where the kids will get to climb, run, jump, and swing for two hours.  It should be a lot of fun!!

So, now, after reading all of that I've realized that I need to stop writing my blog and start getting some things ready for when L finally decides to wake up. I'll probably pop back on here in a few days to actually write a "real" blog post about our adventures over the next two days.

Happy Birthday L!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoo America Kind of Morning

Wow. What a crazy fun weekend we had!  It was filled with camping, family, food, fun, and friends. It was perfect.  This morning, we followed up a fantastic weekend with even more fun.  L and I spent the morning at the Hershey Zoo with our friends. The weather was sunny and hot but the breeze that blew through the area made it bearable. (Yes, I slathered on the sunscreen, wore my sunglasses, and my hat to sun protection.  In short, I looked like an old lady!) Being there with all of our friends was fantastic. 

The kids flitted from one animal to the next having adorable side conversations at each cage. I heard conversations about the zoo's map... "No, I think that animal is this way." And conversations about people... "My boyfriend says..." And conversations about animals... "He says, 'I want to eat you for snack!' ".  It's so much fun to listen in on a bunch of preschoolers talking, when they think no one is listening.

Once we went through most of the zoo, which really doesn't take that long because it's so small, we found the shaded picnic area and ate lunch. The kids did more chatting and running around then actually eating.  But, really, that's to be expected. After they were done "eating" even more running around ensued.  The moms got a chance to sit and chat as the children became monsters and chased each other through the picnic tables. I had just started wondering if we were bothering some of the other visitors when an older lady asked what we were doing there. I was a little worried that she was going to tell us that she thought we should get control of our children.  Instead she told us that she thought that the children were all being so well behaved. And that she loved watching them having so much fun while actually being allowed to be children. It was a proud mommy moment for me! It's nice to hear that I might actually be doing a good job raising my daughter!

*fist pump*

Yes! I'm not totally screwing up!!!

We ended our zoo trip with a viewing of the last few animals.  While holding hands, and with a chant about "Lions and tigers and bears oh my!" we skipped our way out of the zoo. There were more then a few giggles and squeals of delight!  I know I've said it before but... I am loving all these memories that L and I are making!