Monday, April 23, 2012

Chasing Dog

I spent part of my weekend chasing a dog! OK, so it was a very small part of my weekend compared to rest of it.  Yet, that fifteen minutes has had the effect more like an entire day on me.

We have a runner.  She's part terrier and the other part is Border Collie.  Border Collies are bred to run. Well, technically, they are bred to be sheep herding dogs but to do this the breed also needs to be agile, energetic, and very fast. That is my dog all rolled into one with a batch of too-smart-for-her-own-good thrown in there for good measure.

And did I mention that she's an escape artist? We had to add an extra fence line along our fence line to prevent her from digging a hole and weaseling her way out of our yard. This time she didn't need to do any extra work to escape.  My daughter simple held the door open for her and she was gone.

My husband and I took off running after her. Fortunately the neighbor was there to watch L while we ran around like crazy. Fifteen minutes, burning feet, a raw throat from screaming, my lungs killing me, and a dog later we managed to crawl our way back home. I sat down at which point my body decided to throw itself into an asthma attack. It's the first time that I've ever had one induced by exercise.  Let's be honest, though, I might be getting myself into better shape, but I don't even think a jogger would have been able to maintain the sprinting that I was doing in trying to catch my dog!

Needless to say, my body has been mad at me all weekend with twinging muscles and no energy. I am resting today in the hopes that I will be able to make it through my morning of work tomorrow!

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