Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CSA Wednesday And More...

I have about a zillion things running through my head that I want to write about at the moment.  So I've decided to just let myself go with it and permit myself to post a little bit of "hot mess"!

 First on the list...This week's CSA brings with it...

Homegrown Strawberries
Hull Peas
Red Beets
Leaf Lettuce

Next... My baby girl (who's not such a baby girl anymore) is done with kindergarten today. I have to admit to being a little emotional about it at the moment! I didn't think I would feel anything but pure elation at getting my girly back for the summer. I'm guessing this a lot to do with the fact that she'll be a first grader...and...well, she's growing up!

You know who's not "a little" emotional about kindergarten being done?  L is hugely emotional about this! She has spent the last two and a half months crying at bedtime and every morning while getting onto the bus. Because she "just wanted school to be over because she loves her mommy too much and needs to be with her right now!".  Now? She was sobbing in bed last night because she "won't get to see her teacher all summer, and because she loves her so much, and will miss her very much!". Ever feel like you can't win with your kiddos?  Don't get me wrong, I feel badly for her. I "get" that sadness that she has.  She's just like me. L clings to the things that she loves and hates change. Hopefully the surprises I have for her this afternoon will help! (Which I hope to remember to take pictures of to share later. *crossing fingers*)

I bought a book for L, to celebrate her "kindergarten graduation". (I'm thinking this would be a great tradition to start so I am hoping I remember to do this next year as well.) I found it at the grocery store, which I find a tad bit silly, but I read the book and LOVED it! It's quirky and frivolous and I think my daughter will LOVE it even more than I do.  Here's a youtube link of the author reading a little blurb from the book...

I just cracked up when I watched this!!

And, lastly, one of the things I have been looking forward to with L's summer vacation looming, was a couple of days at home, as soon as school was over.  With no school for her and no school job for me, absolutely by ourselves, with nothing to do, no schedules, just having fun together at home.  Well life happens and it looks like that just isn't going to happen.  Every day brings with it a new activity or commitment to put up on our calendar. I am trying to remind myself (while reining in my emotions from exhaustion) that I will still be with L, having fun, doing things we love, with people we love, and things will end up great, despite what I had planned. We are truly lucky to have some many people love us! ( And it's no one's fault, things just came up or happened. So don't go blaming yourself! You know who I'm talking to!!! *giving the mom look while pointing my finger* ) Besides, I know by the end of the summer I'll be desperate for activities to do with L! mess!

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