Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Now that school has started I feel like it is fall.  Yes, we are still getting hot weather. No, the leaves aren't changing or falling yet. There's just something about the first day of school that sets off a trigger in my head that says, "Fall is here!". So I decided that I wanted to start a bucket list for myself/my family. There were so many things that we wanted to do this summer that we kept forgetting what they all were. So, I am actually writing down my fall bucket list. Right here....

*Rake leaves and play in them. (Take pictures!)
*Trick-or-treat at Hershey Park
*Go to Creatures of the night. (Which is so amazing! They open up Zoo America for evening and allow you to go in with flashlights. You get a totally different view of the animals at night. And of course the kids love the flashlights!!)
*Disney World!
*Going on a haunted hay ride with my friends
*Outdoor lazer tag date
*Make crock pot apple butter
*Make more crock pot applesauce
*Drink buckets of apple cider
*Pick out own apples at our CSA
*Pick out our pumpkins (Take pictures like we do every year!)
*Go through a hay maze

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