Friday, November 30, 2012


Our favorite Christmas song at the moment? Dominic the Christmas Donkey. It's a catchy tune and it's now stuck in my head. And, so, I've decided to get it stuck in your head as well! You know you love me!!

L decided to dress me up as Dominic the Donkey the other day. So, I suffered through it until she could get a picture of me. The things we do for our kiddos!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


A boy, at school, asked me yesterday what I did to get the black eye that I had. I, of course, made a joke out of it and insisted that I didn't have a black eye.

I got home and took my glasses off, to put in eye drops, and was welcomed by these eyes.

No wonder he thought I had a black eye!!! My bags literally have bags!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zombie Preparedness

Photo Credit
The last two day's posts were a little intense. So I decided to share this with you to add a bit of levity to the week.
I got a chuckle out of it... 
 The CDC's newest campaign? Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness of course! They figure if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse then you are prepared for any disaster.   
This comes complete with a graphic novella. The little blurb they give explains it this way,
"CDC has a fun way of teaching about emergency preparedness. Our graphic novel, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies. Stick around to the end for a surprising twist that will drive home the importance of being prepared for any emergency. Included in the novel is a Preparedness Checklist so that readers can get their family, workplace, or school ready before disaster strikes.". 
You can go and print out your own pdf version here.
Wow!!! Now I've seen it all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Something that chronic illness patients deal with that doctors don't talk about very often? Emotions. OK not just emotions because, yes, everyone deals with them. I'm talking about the emotional fatigue that comes with the thought that we will be dealing with our illness for the rest of our lives. It can be exhausting.

There's also worry about what symptoms will come next and sadness about the things we miss out on, at times, because of being sick.

There can also be anger involved. That often comes into play when thinking about/carrying out all the things we have to do to help make our lives better. Which seems silly, because of course we would WANT to do these things. Little things such as taking pills, getting allergy shots, regular blood tests. They seem trivial, especially if they are helping. However, after having done them for so long they can bring on the anger in a chronically ill person. Anger at the fact that we have to do any of the things in the first place or that it takes up so much of our time.

Sometimes the emotions can be very clear, as in "I HATE taking all these pills every day.". Or I'm TIRED of the pain that comes with this disease.". Other times the emotions can be a little more confusing, as in "I am SAD" but I am not really sure what aspect of the disease is making me feel that way at the moment.

And as if feeling all these complicated things aren't bad enough for me I also have guilt piled onto all of that, twofold. I feel guilty that my family has to worry about my health. That it affects them so much.

There is also guilt pressing down because I feel all of this. It weighs me down. Makes me feel heavy and sluggish. As if I am trying to walk through a pool of jello. Feeling this way makes me think that there's something I am not doing that I should be. That perhaps if I could just figure out the answer that I wouldn't be feeling this way. Like there's something wrong with me in feeling all of this. Having the emotions that come with a chronic illness are bad enough, but having the flavor of guilt added to it makes it so much worse.

I feel horribly vulnerable having admitted this all. I wanted to write about this, not because I am having a pity party for myself (Though, that is definitely part of the healthy process of dealing with an illness!), but because I felt the need to share. It helps, going through all this, to know that other feel the same way with the emotional overload. So, I am hoping, that writing this all out will help someone else feel not so alone in their chronic illness journey.

And going through this it's also helpful to know that you have to go through the rain to be able to see the rainbow in the other side. I'm trying to keep that in mind right now. :o)

Monday, November 26, 2012

They're Coming to Take Me Away

We needed a sticker for my girly's forehead yesterday that said, "Not appropriate for public enter your word here." Appearances, consumption, interaction? Whichever word you'd like to put in there works for me. Getting up before six o'clock makes her a raging hot mess. About everything. Ever-eeeeee-thing!!!!!!  She's been doing this since the time change. Her version of sleeping in, now, is six o'clock. Ugh!!! And she is miserable about everything which is making me miserable. About ever-eeeee-thing!!!

This cannot continue or you will find me happily singing, 
"They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!"

Fortunately, at the moment, she is holed up inside her dishwasher box with a flashlight, box of crayons and a coloring book, listening to her chipmunks music on her ipod shuffle. Apparently, this is having a calming affect on her. You think I am kidding? I couldn't make that up if I tried! Let's hope it lasts!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday

I cannot stand crowds. Of any kind and especially not on Black Friday. I find people to be the most rude and pushy that day. So I avoid it at all costs. Instead of shopping we spent the day having fun!

We had manicures and lunch out with a friend!
 We turned up the Christmas music REALLY loudly!
We spent the afternoon decorating for Christmas! Or I spent the afternoon decorating and L spent it following after me redecorating.

And made a lot of memories!

Yesterday, we spent the day with family and made even more memories. (Which would be why I didn't post.)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pushing Puffballs; Busy Baby Resting Mommy

I hope everyone had a super fantastic Thanksgiving in the US!

I found this really great idea for "Pushing Puff Balls" over at Fun and Engaging Activities for Toddlers!  You can read about it here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Charlie Brown

My family and I will be watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving tonight. So, I thought I would share it with you.

I won't be posting tomorrow since it's turkey day. I'll be spending the day enjoying good food and family. And I hope you do as well!.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My favorite quote of the day from one of the kiddos at lunch?

"So if you're Irish that means you celebrate Kwanzaa!"

I've been chuckling about it since he said it!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I am currently sitting on my couch. With my long-sleeved pj's and pants on. And a hoodie sweatshirt. And a scarf. And slippers. With a blanket on. And yet, I'm still cold!

This is going to be a looooooong winter!!!

My inner child is screaming, "I wannna go back to Disney!!!". Purely for the sun, of course! (And if you believe that one I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper Bag Turkey; Busy Baby Resting Mommy

I apologize for no posting yesterday. I worked all day as a substitute aid and I also did my usual cafeteria duty. I was beat by the time I got home and had no functioning brain power left to write or post a blog entry. Since I wasn't able to post this yesterday I will post it today.

Since the American Thanksgiving is coming up in the next week, let's make a paper bag turkey! I'm sorry that I don't have an original picture, however, I did find one that is similar to it.

Photo Credit  
What you'll need....
A lunch sized paper bag
Various colors of construction paper
A pencil
Glue or tape
Some type of filler like newspaper or tissue paper.

Here's what I do to make this...

1. Open the paper bag and stuff it with filler.
2. Close the end of the bag by twisting it. Fan out the end and tape it to the "body" of the turkey. This becomes the turkey's "tail".
3. Trace your child's handprints on various colors of paper and cut out.
4. Tape or glue the handprints to the "tail" of our turkey.
5. You can either have your kiddo draw a head of the turkey onto the top of the bag. Or you can have them draw one onto construction paper, cut out, and tape the the front of the bag.

And now you have an adorable turkey that your kiddos have made!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I know I've been posting a lot of pics and videos lately. I'll get back to writing blog post soon, I promise! Til then, watch this video. I am not sure why but I absolutely cracked up when I saw it....

...Maybe because it's so unexpected!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Reminder

I needed a song to remind me...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Picture Credit
My honey decided I needed a new coat for this winter. My old one is still in good condition but not the greatest thing out there for keeping me the warmest I can be. Which is very important to me now, especially with me having to be out in the cold twice a day at the bus stop with my girly. Once I get chilled it takes hours of hot tea, a scolding shower, and bundling under many layers of blankets and clothing to actually get me feeling warm again. If I stay cold for too long than I end up with very stiff joins and in a lot of pain. So we figured it might be easier to just cut that all out of the equation by getting me a warmer coat.

I decided to go with a Columbia Whirlibird Interchange jacket. (A solid blue color not the one pictured.) It has two layers of protection from the cold. The outer layer is wind and water repellant with a fantastic hood. The inner layer is covered in a silver omni-heat lining. Which basically means that it takes my body heat and reflects it back at me. So it's using my body heat to keep me warmer. The sleeves also taper down into a tighter fit with thumb holes. That way I don't end up with wrist skin showing between my coat and my gloves. It also has a high color to reduce my need for a scarf. All around this seems like a fantastic jacket. It even has some great pockets in it which is always, ALWAYS, always a plus when you have a kiddo who has a penchant for picking up little treasures wherever she goes.

The week before I ordered this coat it stayed in the low forties every day. I've gotten the coat and now it has comfortably been sitting in the mid to high fifties ever since. So, of course, I haven't gotten to actually use the coat yet! I used the outer layer the other day and loved it. I cannot wait to get the chance to use the whole jacket and report back to you about how warm it is!

I found my jacket here at the Columbia website in the clearance section.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nail Love

I felt like I wanted to do something fun with my nails. So, I decided to try Sally Hansen's stick on nail polish. They come in little nail polish stickers that you press onto your nails with a little manicure stick. It took me forever and was a lot more work than I wanted to put into it. A lot. However, I have to say that I am crushing on my nails right now. Something fierce!

What do you think?

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have been going through a rough time lately.  There's not really much going on with my health beyond my usual frustrations. But I am having a difficult time dealing with the emotional side of having a chronic illness. I am in a funk. I'll write more about it later.

For today I am sharing my "go to" song that I listen to when I need a smile. Most preferably in the car, blaring out of the speakers, as I drive down a back road. :o)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


 I had a zillion apples to use up and so, my crockpot got filled to the brim.

I got my handy dandy apple peeler-corer-slicer from Pampered Chef (Great Christmas gift!!) and got to work. This saves me so much time and is much easier on my hands than having to peel and slice up every apple.

I stuffed the crockpot with apples.

The house smells AMAZING!!! 

After I finished cooking the applesauce, I ran it through a foodmill to give it a really fine texture. I like to stick some in ice cube trays and freeze them. That way I have individual servings that I can thaw out for L's lunches during the week.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Colored Spaghetti; Busy Baby Resting Mommy

What you need...
Spaghetti (regular or thin is fine) and all that entails ie; pot, water, stove to cook it
Liquid food coloring

1. Cook spaghetti according to directions on the box.

2. Drain spaghetti.

3. Drip a variety of food dye colors onto spaghetti and mix up.

4. Let it sit in the pot for awhile and then your kiddos at it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mani's and Makeovers

L and I had mani's and makeovers the other day. I was in charge of the manicures. L was in charge of the makeovers.

I had to share what I looked like afterwards...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Ugh, sorry about not posting yesterday! I had an appointment at nine twenty yesterday morning and I didn't get out of the office until ten fifty. It was ridiculous! Unfortunately, it was an appointment I HAD to have so I had to stick with it. I managed to make it to work with only five minutes to spare. (After work I had another important appointment on my calendar. I have a feeling with work that I may bot have the chance to blog every single day like I have been able to. I may miss a day at some point during my week.

I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and write a post about my new job. :o) I am now working as a cafeteria aide at my daughter's school. My primary responsibility is to oversee the kiddos and assist them with whatever they might need help with during lunch. (Opening food bags, mopping up spills, helping them get ketchup, etc.) Which means I make many many laps around the cafeteria. It's only for two hours but I have been coming home tired. I am hoping that I'll gradually get used to it and then won't think about it until I have a low energy day. For the moment I have just been crashing after I make dinner.

I have been having fun and am only seeing positives at the moment. I am getting paid to have fun with the kiddos, get my exercise in, and see my girly every day (which is my favorite part!).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dry Tears

This showed up in my Google alerts for Sjogren's Syndrome the other day. I thought it interesting and wanted to share it with you all. :o)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I know I'm late seeing that this is now November. However, I figured I would share some of our pictures from the past two weeks with all the fun "Halloweeny" things we did.

L got to trick-or-treat at her teacher's house. Then spent the next twenty minutes playing in the back yard with her dog, who happens to be taller than my girly!

We went to Creatures in the Night at Zoo America. Normally they close the park at nightfall but for the weekends in October they keep the park open so the kiddos can go through with flashlights. They also decorate the zoo with jack-o-lanterns and bring some of the animals out for the kiddos to interact with. My daughter could care less about the little owls when we go through the zoo during the day. However, when she sees them out of their cages in the dark she instantly starts to coo at them and could happily stare for over a half hour.

L got to make a luminary while at the zoo as well. The one wall was covered in these. It was beautiful!

Can't forget the pumpkin picking!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

CSA Wednesday... Except it's Saturday

Japanese Bunching Onions
Broccoli OR Cauliflower
Red Bell Peppers
Stayman Winesap Apples
Delicata Squash
This will be my last CSA blog post for the year. Which makes me sad because I will miss our fresh boxes every week. However, I have quite a bit stored away for winter so hopefully that helps hold me over until spring!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Paint in a Bag; Busy Baby Resting Mommy

What you need...
Freezer bag
Masking tape

1. Pour some paint into a freezer bag.

2. Tape the bag shut to eliminate chances of messes.

You can let the kiddos play with the bag like that.  Or you can tape it to the table to allow older kiddos to practice "writing" their letters on the bag.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesay Magic Kingdom

In all the confusion of the hurricane I, somehow, forgot to post about our Wednesday in Disney World. So please forgive me for the confusion...

Wednesday was spent at Magic Kingdom again. 

As I wrote about the other day, I had the Guest Assitance pass to help me. I attempted to use my pass at two locations on this day. At one, the attendant told me that the meet and greet was already accessible to disabilities. He didn't seem to understand that my problem did not lie in the accessibility but in the fact that I could not wait in a line for over an hour. The attendant was not helpful nor was he very approachable or understanding of my extra needs.

On another occasion I approached an attendant, not knowing how long the wait was, and asked if there was a specific place that I should go to with my Guest Assitance card. He responded that there was only a five minute wait. That in itself is not what bothered me (Though how could he have known whether five minutes would have been an acceptable amount of time to wait with my illness??). What bothered me was the attitude and overall tone that he infused the sentence with. He very obviously thought that I was being ridiculous or obtuse. I left the attendant feeling belittled and ready to cry in defeat. It was a horrible experience. Even my in-laws were amazed at his attitude toward me. (Which takes a lot since my mil is so willing to forgive anyone anything and my fil is not flustered by very much in life.)

While the pass had been great, at Magic Kingdom on Monday for the one meet and greet it was horribly useless on Wednesday. Overall I would give Magic Kingdom a C- if I were pressed to grade how helpful they were with my Guest Assistance pass.

And now onto the pictures...

This toothy guy popped out of the water at us on the jungle safari boat ride we took through Magic Kingdom.

L's balloon. She was so super excited when we bought this for her. I loved the way her eyes lit up!

It's A Small World ride!

L kept herself busy playing on my phone while we waited for the electric parade to start. And she managed to keep another kiddo busy watching her.

The electric parade was great! 
 After the parade we all went into the town square to watch the magical fireworks. My daughter's face was filled with awe and amazement. I have to admit that I teared up watching her face during the fireworks. Especially when she leaned over and said, "This is so magical Mommy, even better than I thought!!".