Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Harry Potter Post

A week or so ago we got an unexpected piece of mail on our doorstep....

We found this little guy with a birthday invitation. *(For those who do not know this is an owl, which are responsible for carrying letter for the people in the Harry Potter movies.) L absolutely FREAKED out because it looked like an official letter from Hogwarts (The school that Harry Potter attends.) It looked like this...

No, your vision is not going. I've just blurred out the names to protect our friend's identity.

One of our friends decided it would be a fun idea to send a response with more owls. So, I flew to the computer and had a blast coming up with some stuff for our friend A.

Our response
A newspaper found in the Harry Potter world.

 Needless to say, our friend loved them!

Fast forward a few days and we decided to make butterbeer for us. Which is a drink that Harry Potter is fond of. We had it while we were at Universal Studios and liked it. I used this recipe found at Bakingdom . We loved it! Doesn't it look yummy??

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