Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toilet Paper Snowstorms

 In honor of the begining of December, I give you....

Toilet paper snow storms!!

What you need...
Toilet paper
Small baby pool (Or something that will semi contain the toilet paper. I say "semi" because, let's be honest you could put a kiddo in a tiny windowless room and they would still find a way to make a little bit of a mess!)

1. Plunk your sweetie down in the middle of a baby pool.  It doesn't really matter where the pool is. The living room, dining room, bedroom, wherever is fine. 

2. Hand them a roll of toilet paper and let them go to town! This seems so simple.  That's the beauty of it, it is so simple and will give your kiddos lots of entertainment Wrap them up like a mummy, give them fancy hats, clothes, or simply let them rip it to pieces.

3. Now sit back and relax! Once all the fun has been had the toilet paper will hopefully be contained in the pool and make clean up fairly simple.

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