Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Visit with Dr. A

I got to see my rheumy today, Dr. A. She suspects that I am in the middle of a flare because my body is just doing too much. It's maybe a little in shock as well. The combination of being on my feet so much and being exposed to so many germs while at work has my immune system exhausted.  Bleh. She wanted me to take a week off work to give my immune system a break.

That's not really an option.

Instead we are adding several things to my daily routine in an effort to help my flare.

Firstly, I had my vitamin D intake doubled. So I am going from 50,000 units to 100,000 units of vitamin D each week. It worked so well last year, about this time, that we are very hopeful that it will do great things this time around as well.

I am now going on Restasis eye drops to help the extreme dryness and eye sensitivity that I have been dealing with. I have been putting this off for quite a long time and we agreed that it was time. I have heard wonderful things about this so I am crossing my fingers that it helps.

Finally, after I've given my body a week or so to deal with my flu vaccine, I am supposed to go back in and have a dose of steroid injected into the muscle near my hip. This should help my hip bursitis as well as the muscle that Dr. A seems to think is the reason for all my pain at the moment. I am nervous about this because I mean come on no body really likes the idea of getting a huge needle stuck in them, right? But I remain hopeful that this will help relieve my hip problems because the pain, at times, is getting bad enough that OTC's are no longer taking care of it. I am sure that I'll have to write an updated post after that little adventure.

Dr. A also signed my papers for a handicapped placard. Because, let's be honest, when a person can't walk from her car into the front of the store without frantically trying to find somewhere to sit because all her energy is depleted.... Well, that means it's time to ask for help whether you want to or not. It was time for me to get that ball rolling and ask for some help because staying at home, stuck on my couch, isn't always an option.


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