Monday, January 14, 2013

Brain Fog

I have been having some brain fog lately. :o( It's a horrible feeling to have. I can't seem to pick words out of my head. Simple words. Like rainbow and boat. Words that I have known since I was a child. Words my daughter supplies for me while she carries a look of confusion on her face because she can't understand why I wouldn't know the words.

I know that I have mostly been having it when I get a headache or when I have done waaaay too much in one day's time. It's a sort of russian roulette game with my body. One day doing a certain amount of activities will leave me feeling fine. The next day the same activities will leave me with brain fog.

Having brain fog makes you feel as if your head is filled with mud or quicksand.  Your brain is trying so hard to think it's way out of the mud but the harder it tries the more sluggish and stuck it gets. Every step your brain makes in attempting to do even the simplest things turns into a struggle. Words become obscure. Tying shoes become puzzles.

It's frustrating to me. Confusing to my girly. Scary to my husband. And uncertain for the future.


AutoimmuneGal said...

You hit the nail on the head describing what the fog feels like. Sometimes I think it is scarier for my family than for me because the change becomes so obvious to them when I can't remember words or what I said just a few moments before. Don't we all wish there were a fog lifting machine to make these periods shorter.

Blogger Mama said...

Oh good to hear! I have been struggling with writing this post for a while now.

A fog machine would be fantastic!!