Friday, January 4, 2013

Busy Baby Resting Mommy

We are all about recycling things in our house. My girly and I can get some serious creative juices flowing when contemplating how to reuse something. One of the things I like to give a second life" to is spice containers.

Make sure you save any empty spice containers (sprinkle containers work great as well.) you may be tempted to get rid of!  Especially the ones with the little lids that determine how much you can dispense at once. You can use them for all kinds of fun with your kids.

They are great for holding glitter and playing with water or sand.  Especially when you have the kiddos do some water play inside. Sometimes I get out an old shower curtain (Which can be easily dried off once done), plop some pots or old tupperware on it, fill them with water, and hand L some toys to play with in the water. The spice containers are great to pretend it's raining or she gives her barbies a shower with them.

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