Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farm Show Time

The PA Farm Show is going on this week. It's a great big farmers show with agriculture and live stock. They show the animals, sell the produce, and have so so many fun things for families to do. And it's practically free, we just pay for parking (and any food we want).

L likes it for the animals. Mommy and Daddy love it for the food! Farm fresh products all made into super delicious food. We had milkshakes and deep fried cheese cubes for lunch. And it's so good that I didn't care that I was waaaaay overloading on my calories for the day!!! The definitely proof that fresh food directly from the farm makes anything taste better.

Our hands down favorite thing of the day was the butterfly room. We went into the room to find it completely covered in butterflies. They were everywhere. We were given quetips saturated with blue gatoraide, which the butterflies love, and were told how to attract them. Being surrounded by so many butterflies was amazing!

And here are some of my favorite pictures. (At least the ones I am able to share that don't have L directly in them.)

 Picking up the butterflies.
 The entire room was covered in butterflies. This picture, honestly, doesn't do it justice.
 L absolutely loved this butterfly!
 Blue gatoraide butterfly feeder.
 Butterflies love shades of red, purple, and pink.  So they were in love with my hubbster's hat.
 L insisted that I take a picture of these sheep and their sassy tees.
 My chic nose to beak with a chic.
 The yearly butter sculpture.
I absolutely fell in love with this little guy. He is ADORABLE!!!

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