Thursday, January 3, 2013


L decided, with no encouragement on our parts, that she needed to clean out her toys. Apparently she thought she needed to do this because she's "...a big girl. And it would be good to share the old toys [that she doesn't play with] with other little girls who may need them..." Well hearing that just made my heart melt so of course I had to get right on that!

I spent the morning going through her toys, in her bedroom, deciding what to donate and what to save for her some day.

And now? Now, I sound like some pathetic version of a zombie horror movie. The conversations my husband and I had last night go something like this...

"What do you think about that?"
"I think that we should get a ....Mhhhhrrrrr mmmmhhmp ahhhhhhhhhh. Mmhhhrrr!"
"Bag for it?"
"Yes, that way we can go after ....Mmmmhhhrrrr urrggggg."
"Yeah, and once we've done that we can go to the ....Ahhh Mmmmpppmp mmmhhr."

So, yeah, you get the picture. Thank the good Lord in heaven that my husband can finish my sentences for me at this point!! And I am completely. One hundred percent. Dead serious about that. Not one drop of sarcasm in that sentence. Honest!

Let's hope I can make it through work before I become a zombie and scare the pants off all the kids. Or at the very least make them give me weirder looks than they usually give me!

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